Taskmaster. Image shows from L to R: Greg Davies, Alex Horne. Copyright: Avalon Television


  • TV comedy
  • Channel 4 / Dave
  • 2015 - 2021
  • 105 episodes (12 series)

TV format in which Greg Davies and Alex Horne set a group of comedians various outlandish challenges. Also features Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Skinner, Roisin Conaty, Josh Widdicombe, Tim Key and more.

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Series 12, Episode 5 - Croissants Is Croissants

Taskmaster. Victoria Coren Mitchell. Copyright: Avalon Television
In the 100th episode, Victoria celebrates with a flapjack, Morgana celebrates by slicing up some plastic balls, and Guz celebrates by barricading himself in the Taskmaster house.

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Further details

Prize task: The most elegant thing beginning with "G".

- Guz Khan: A portrait of Guz in a suit given to him by the BBC. - 5
- Alan Davies: A monogrammed dressing gown given to him by The London Studios. - 4
- Morgana Robinson: A glass giraffe Christmas decoration. - 3
- Victoria Coren Mitchell: A homemade Mr. Greedy toy. - 2
- Desiree Burch: A gardenia. - 1

Task 1: Sit on a cake. Fastest wins. There are five bonus points for the best cake. Your time starts now.

- Morgana: One hour and 45 minutes, but gets the bonus points for the best cake. - 6
- Victoria: 0:25 - 5
- Desiree: 2:45 - 4
- Guz: 7:27 - 3
- Alan: 11:55 - 2

Task 2 (Team Task): Get the most balls in the net. Everyone must stay on their spots at all times. If anyone other than the task reader touches or handles a ball, you lose five balls from your ball total. Also, the person in the middle spot must sit for ten seconds, and then stand up straight for ten seconds on repeat. Any balls remaining between the task reader and the middle person will be deducted from your ball total. You have five minutes. Your time starts when Alex pretends his whistle isn't working.

- With Desiree, Guz and Khan scoring -1, and Alan and Victoria scoring -128, Greg rules both attempts so bad that no-one scores anything. - 0

Task 3: Prevent Alex from scoring a goal. Alex will attempt to score a goal in 15 minutes time. The ball and the goalposts must be on their spots when Alex makes his attempt. You must be 12 yards from the ball when Alex attempts to score. Slowest goal scored by Alex wins. Your time starts now.

- Morgana: 10:45 - 5
- Alan: 9:47 - 4
- Guz: About six minutes - 3
- Victoria: First attempt, but the ball had to travel a long upward path to avoid items in front of it. - 2
- Desiree: First attempt, with only clingfilm blocking the goal. - 1

Live task: Pop the most balloons. You may pop between one and ten balloons each turn. If you pop one of the five bad balloons you are disqualified. The eventual winner gets ten actual points. Everyone else gets points based on how many balloons they pop.

- Guz: 26, but last one standing. - 10
- Alan: 26 - 4
- Morgana: 14 - 3
- Desiree: 4 - 2
- Victoria: 3 - 1

Final scores

- Guz: 21
- Morgana: 17
- Alan: 14
- Victoria: 10
- Desiree: 8

Broadcast details

Thursday 21st October 2021
Channel 4
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 22nd October 2021 1:25am 4seven
Sunday 24th October 2021 4:00am 4seven
Monday 25th October 2021 1:25am E4
Wednesday 27th October 2021 12:50am C4
Friday 29th October 2021 1:10am C4

Cast & crew

Greg Davies Host / Presenter
Alex Horne Host / Presenter
Alan Davies Self
Desiree Burch Self
Guz Khan Self
Morgana Robinson Self
Victoria Coren Mitchell Self
Writing team
Alex Horne Writer
Production team
Andy Devonshire Series Director
Andy Cartwright Series Producer
Richard Allen-Turner Executive Producer
James Taylor Executive Producer
Jon Thoday Executive Producer
Rob Aslett Executive Producer
Andy Devonshire Executive Producer
Alex Horne Executive Producer
Dan Trelfer Edit Producer
Vicky Winter Line Producer
Roberta Grady Edit Producer
Thomas Perrett Editor
Rebecca Bowker Editor
James Dillon Production Designer
Sam Montague Director of Photography
John Ford Lighting Designer
Dru Masters Composer
Tom Howe Composer
Martin Rosten Graphics
Tim Key Task Consultant

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