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  • TV sketch show
  • Channel 5
  • 2005 - 2006
  • 14 episodes (2 series)

Sketch show exploring the unique British attitude towards sex and relationships. Stars David Armand, Dominic Coleman, Jo Joyner, Ella Kenion, Tom Price and more.


Key cast & crew credits

David Armand Ensemble Actor
Dominic Coleman Ensemble Actor
Jo Joyner Ensemble Actor
Ella Kenion Ensemble Actor
Tom Price Ensemble Actor
Clare Willie (as Clare Wille) Ensemble Actor
Andrew Garfield Ensemble Actor (Series 1)
Writing team
Ali Crockatt Writer
David Scott Writer
Simon Dean Writer
David Cadji-Newby (as David Newby) Writer
Nico Tatarowicz Writer
John Finnemore Writer
Lucy Montgomery Writer
Bert Tyler-Moore Writer (Series 2)
George Jeffrie Writer (Series 2)
Gareth Roberts Writer
Rebecca Levene Writer
Emma Millions Writer (Series 1)
Production team
Ben Kellett Director
Simon Wilson Producer
David Granger Executive Producer
Will MacDonald Executive Producer
Stephen Matthews Editor
Tayyaba Irtizaali Production Designer
Rachel Freck Casting Director
Marcia Stanton Costume Designer (Series 1)
Jamie Cairney Director of Photography
Maria Papandrea Costume Designer (Series 2)
Ben Wheeler Director of Photography (Series 2)
Siobhán Harper-Ryan Make-up Designer
Adam Miller 1st Assistant Director
Caroline Watkin Production Manager

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