Sweat The Small Stuff. Image shows from L to R: Rochelle Humes, Nick Grimshaw, Melvin Odoom. Copyright: Talkback.

Sweat The Small Stuff

BBC Three panel show. 32 episodes (4 series), 2013 - 2015. Stars Nick Grimshaw, Rickie Haywood Williams, Melvin Odoom and Rochelle Humes.

Press Clippings

Sweat The Small Stuff interview

As the BBC3 panel show returns for a fourth series, Grimmy, Rochelle Humes and Melvin O'Doom talk nightmareish pranks, awkwardness, dream guests and Joan Rivers.

Kasia Delgado, Radio Times, 28th October 2014

Nick Grimshaw's Sweat The Small Stuff: day in the life

It's brash it's silly and like the rest of the shows on BBC Three, it's 'heading online'.

Peter Robinson, The Guardian, 23rd May 2014

BBC Three orders two more series of Sweat The Small Stuff

BBC Three has ordered two further series of Sweat The Small Stuff, the panel show hosted by Nick Grimshaw.

British Comedy Guide, 14th March 2014

Grimshaw & Humes: Series 2 will be anarchic and drunker

The pair join Melvin O'Doom to discuss unnecessary packaging, Mollie King eating from bins and what they wish hadn't ended up on TV...

Susanna Lazarus, Radio Times, 15th October 2013

Its first run earlier this year performed relatively sluggishly. But the BBC have a lot invested in Nick Grimshaw - they'll be hoping for slightly more from this returning panel show. But maybe the format is the problem. There are just so many panel show and so little distinguishing them from each other. Maybe commissioners need to think about an altogether new delivery mechanism for their talent.

Grimshaw's a likeable enough character and he'll be rejoined by Rochell Humes and Melvin O'Doom for this survey of life's small irritations. But much like the subject matter, there's just something inessential about this scenario.

Phil Harrison, Time Out, 15th October 2013

Xtra Factor star Matt Richardson jokes about Cowell

Xtra Factor star Matt Richardson jokes he 'performed sex act on Simon Cowell in job interview'. The comedian was showing off on Grimmy's BBC3 show as he dished out some controversial gags, including Tulisa's arrest.

James Robertson, The Mirror, 11th June 2013

In the old days, panel shows used to be about specific subjects. News, music, sport, politics, TV. What has Grimmy been left with? Stuff. Thanks, BBC Three.

Joining Grimmy on this beige TV adventure are the pregnant one from The Saturdays and famous-in-their-own-bathrooms DJ duo Rickie and Melvin. As you can imagine it's wall-to-wall laughs. If you're a sadist.

The BBC's answer to the bafflingly successful Celebrity Juice, the show ditches all the crude Keith Lemon boobs and spunk gags and replaces them with 30 minutes of meandering middle-of-the-road drivel. The TV equivalent of the Magic FM playlist.

It felt like watching seven people sat in a room, rambling on, hoping that by chance they might stumble upon an idea for a TV show. Sadly for us, this gang are more lost than a good idea in the BBC Three offices.

The pregnant one from The Saturdays shaving a man's chest hair, inane 'banter' about sending naked pictures on Snap Chat, Ricky or Melvin (I don't know which and I don't care) trying to get a man in a gym to rub Deep Heat on his groin. And those were the highlights.

Nick Grimshaw deserves better and so do we.

Alex Fletcher, Digital Spy, 4th May 2013

Nick Grimshaw interview

Radio 1 breakfast host Nick Grimshaw has revealed the station originally rejected him after he applied for work experience as a youngster.

Emma Cox, The Sun, 30th April 2013

Radio 1's effortlessly hip and ­hilarious Nick Grimshaw is the perfect host for this new comedy panel show, which will thrash out those trivial everyday niggles, pet hates and dilemmas that get obsessed over by people lucky enough not to have any real ­problems to sweat over.

Grimmy is joined by team captains Rickie and Melvin from Kiss FM and Rochelle from The Saturdays. With so many comedy panel shows on TV this one might struggle to make its mark, but expect lots of chat about social media. And hair.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 30th April 2013

Life's daily dilemmas are in the spotlight in a new panel show presented by Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw. "We discuss little worries that take over your life," he explains. "Like whether to accept your mother on Facebook, or can I be drunk at a family function, or go to a Justin Bieber concert as an adult male and legitimately enjoy it?" Episodes are being recorded close to transmission, but we're promised quick-witted silliness from Grimshaw and his team captains Rickie and Melvin from Kiss FM and Rochelle Humes of the Saturdays.

David Brown, Radio Times, 30th April 2013