The Story Of Light Entertainment. Copyright: Shine.

The Story Of Light Entertainment

BBC Two documentary. 8 episodes (1 series) in 2006. Features Stephen Fry.

Series 1

1. The Double Acts

First broadcast: Saturday 22nd July 2006

This first episode looks at double acts ranging from Laurel and Hardy to Morecambe and Wise, from Reeves and Mortimer to Ant and Dec.

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2. All Round Entertainers

First broadcast: Saturday 29th July 2006

This edition looks at the 'all round entertainers' who originally came from the Victorian music hall tradition.

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3. Radio Stars

First broadcast: Saturday 5th August 2006

This edition looks at the connection between radio and light entertainment, from the 1930s stars like Tommy Handley to today's presenters like Terry Wogan, and looks at how radio still flourishes in the face of competition from television.

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4. The Comics

First broadcast: Saturday 12th August 2006

This edition charts the comedian's meteoric rise to the top, from working men's clubs to Tony Hancock to 1980s alternative comedy.

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5. Pop And Easy Listening

First broadcast: Saturday 19th August 2006

Music had always been at the heart of variety, but in the 1950s rock 'n' roll and the concept of the teenager arrived. TV didn't know how to cope so the 60s viewer was fed a diet of easy listening.

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6. Impressionists

First broadcast: Saturday 26th August 2006

This edition looks at impressionists, 60 years ago the poor relations of comedians, but since the 1960s they have continually pushed boundaries in an attempt to make us laugh.

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7. Chat Shows

First broadcast: Saturday 2nd September 2006

This edition explores how the chat show has provided some of the most controversial and stimulating TV ever, tracing its evolution from Steve Allen and Johnny Carson to Graham Norton and Paul O'Grady.

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8. Variety

First broadcast: Saturday 9th September 2006

This edition explores variety shows - singers and comedians may have topped bills but it was the allied acts that made the shows so memorable.

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