Still Open All Hours. Granville (David Jason). Copyright: BBC.

Still Open All Hours

BBC One sitcom sequel, with Granville now running Arkwright's shop. 41 episodes (pilot + 6 series), 2013 - 2019. Stars David Jason, James Baxter, Stephanie Cole, Maggie Ollerenshaw and others.

Series 4, Episode 5 is repeated on Gold today at 9pm.

Series 3

Still Open All Hours. Image shows from L to R: Gastric (Tim Healy), Mrs Hussein (Nina Wadia), Madge (Brigit Forsyth), Cyril (Kulvinder Ghir), Granville (David Jason), Wet Eric (Johnny Vegas), Mavis (Maggie Ollerenshaw), Leroy (James Baxter), Boyfriend (Matthew Mellalieu), Kath Agnew (Sally Lindsay), Mr Newbold (Geoffrey Whitehead), Elsie Bridges (Janine Duvitski), Mrs Featherstone (Stephanie Cole). Copyright: BBC.

Christmas Special: Episode One

First broadcast: Monday 26th December 2016

Granville and Gastric find themselves playing marriage counsellors, whilst Leroy adopts a festive disguise to avoid relationship trouble of a different kind.

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Still Open All Hours. Image shows from L to R: Kath Agnew (Sally Lindsay), Wet Eric (Johnny Vegas). Copyright: BBC.

2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Sunday 1st January 2017

Granville has bought some cheap devices that promise to jump-start people's positive emotions, but will they work?

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3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Sunday 8th January 2017

Granville tries to sell some out-of-date mints, with results that get tongues wagging. Meanwhile, Mrs Featherstone is still trying to tempt Granville to become her fourth husband, and Eric, Cyril and Mr Newbold try to prove to their womenfolk that they are men of adventure.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Sunday 15th January 2017

Granville has some outdated Christmas puddings to sell, but needs a clever plan to lure his sceptical customers into buying them. Madge is convinced that her house is haunted and is refusing to sleep in her bedroom, but luckily Granville discovers Gastric has a hidden dark side with spiritual powers that could solve the mystery and impress Madge. Meanwhile, Mrs Hussein takes a shine to Leroy and wants to know what they keep behind the counter for special customers.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Sunday 22nd January 2017

Granville tries to tempt the locals with a big wheel of cheese which seems to be on the turn.

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6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Sunday 29th January 2017

Granville has bought a job lot of turnips that will need clever selling with the promise of their amazing medicinal qualities.

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Still Open All Hours. Granville (David Jason). Copyright: BBC.

7. Episode Seven

First broadcast: Sunday 5th February 2017

Arkwright's becomes a delivery point for people's internet shopping. When a large delivery arrives, Granville decides he could use it to help Gastric impress Madge, who has taken to her bed in a foul mood. Meanwhile, Granville is worried he is not using his shop counter space well enough to advertise, and Eric turns to Leroy for advice after Kath finds evidence of a lady's stocking his pocket.