Stage Door Johnnies. Image shows from L to R: Ralph (Tom Davis), Marco (Alex Macqueen). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions / Blurred Vision.

Stage Door Johnnies

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The terrific Alex MacQueen excels as one of those fans who lurk outside theatres hoping for an autograph or a glimpse of an actor. MacQueen plays a video shop manager who lies in wait to give (very) critical notes to stage performers. The others are wacky and unbelievable: two women who aren't allowed within 50ft of John Nettles, and a man who's hand-made a ludicrous gift for Suranne Jones. It's written by actors Catherine McCormack and Laura Power, with perhaps a smidgen of contempt.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 23rd May 2013

This slice of theatrical in-jokery, written by actors Catherine McCormack and Laura Power, takes a caustic glance at the hardcore fans who hang around stage doors waiting for their idols. There's a brace of women so stung by John Nettles they're on a restraining order and a Suranne Jones devotee who handcrafts mad gifts.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 23rd May 2013