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Special 1 TV

BBC Three sitcom. Broadcast, 2010 - 2011. Stars Mario Rosenstock.

Press Clippings

Special 1 TV: An Audience With Wenger

Behold - the new signing. Following unavoidable circumstances last week which delayed the unveiling, the Special One is proud to give a select audience an opportunity to meet face to face with Mr Wenger. Join Jose, Wayne & Arsene for another 'Special 1 TV' first. Do it!

The Special 1, BBC Blogs, 11th March 2011

Two becomes Three

It's all about to change! Today two becomes three. Speculation is flying around the internet as to what this might mean for the future of S1TV. Plus bizarre events at the Chelsea and its effect on Man U games preparations. Do it!

The Special 1, BBC Blogs, 4th March 2011

Special 1 TV: Robbie's big impression

The show must go on despite the fact that Sven has been put to pasture.

The Special 1, BBC Blogs, 4th February 2011

Special 1 TV: The Leaking

With all the Wikileaking that's been going on this week, it was only a matter of time before something would be revealed about Special 1 TV.

The Special 1, BBC Blogs, 10th December 2010

SPECIAL 1 TV: Winners and Losers

Five, nil, four, nil and one nil . . . . is there something in the air that has made the winners losers and the losers winners?

The Special 1, BBC Blogs, 3rd December 2010

SPECIAL 1 TV: The Future

The Special 1 and the Voyeur are at loggerheads again. Even with nine men The Special 1 is still a winner but with 11 men the Voyeur goes home empty handed. How did the Voyeur react? Plus allegations are made against Mr Capello - S1TV digs deep. Also making an appearance this week - the boy's boy aka Ronnie. Be warned you may need to get a tank* on standby for this one. Do it!

The Special 1, BBC Blogs, 26th November 2010

Capello talks exclusively to S1TV

As pressure grows around Mr Capello's disastrous performance against France on Wednesday, S1TV talks exclusively to the man of the moment for his thoughts on what went wrong. And Sven talks to undisclosed sources at a variety of Premier League clubs about the pressure those teams are under as the season moves forward. Do it!

The Special 1, BBC Blogs, 19th November 2010

Best sporting blog in the world

Special 1 TV, a satirical show which aired on BBC Three and the BBC Sport website during the 2010 World Cup, returns! Watch the first episode by clicking here and then read the all-new blog!

BBC Blogs, 15th October 2010

Special 1 TV: Episode 6

And so the end is near. Time for reflection, time for sharing memories and time to bring in video technology. Are you listening Mr Fifa? And with all eyes on the Holland and the Spain for Sunday, where are you betting your hedges?

BBC, 9th July 2010

Special 1 TV: Cooks

I often think managing football team is like cooking. Great ingredients in the hands of great chef and the results are fantastic. Great ingredients in the hands of not so great chef and you'll be asking 'Would you like fries with that?'

BBC, 8th July 2010

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