Spaced. Image shows from L to R: Marsha Klein (Julia Deakin), Mike Watt (Nick Frost), Daisy Steiner (Jessica Hynes), Brian Topp (Mark Heap), Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg), Twist Morgan (Katy Carmichael)


  • TV sitcom
  • Channel 4
  • 1999 - 2001
  • 14 episodes (2 series)

Cult Channel 4 sitcom. Tim and Daisy decide to pose as a professional couple in order to find a decent flat to rent. Stars Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, Julia Deakin, Nick Frost, Mark Heap and more.

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13 best British comedy shows on Netflix right now

The beauty of British comedy is how fleeting it is. The US version of The Office dragged on into nine interminable seasons. The British original? Fourteen episodes and done.

Esquire, 22nd August 2020

Spaced turns 21: it couldn't be more relevant today

Despite airing at the start of the millennium, Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes' wacky comedy Spaced is more relevant to lockdown life than you'd think, says Lauren Morris.

Lauren Morris, Radio Times, 31st July 2020

Another chance to catch the first season of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Jessica Hynes's 1999 sitcom running back-to-back until 2am. In the opening episode, Pegg and Hynes meet in a greasy spoon and decide to go flat-hunting together, posing as a couple until they come across a promising property in Tufnell Park.

Ammar Kalia, The Guardian, 8th May 2020

Top 20 British sitcoms of 21st century: Spaced

Spaced is likeable, endless quotable, highly watchable and very, very funny.

Chris Hallam, Chris Hallam's World View, 1st April 2020

The stars of Spaced reunited

"Our show doesn't feel dated like Friends."

Hadley Freeman, The Guardian, 11th January 2020

Why they don't make comedies like Spaced anymore

One answer lies in the question asked, year after year, by fans of the show desperate for another fix: what happened to that third series? Hynes, Pegg and Wright let us down as gently as they could, but the truth is that times - and people - change.

Gem Wheeler, Digital Spy, 10th October 2019

Spaced at 20: homages, legacy and best moments

We revisit the geekiest 14 half-hours ever to be screened on British TV...

Alex Westthorp, Den Of Geek, 3rd October 2019

The 100 best TV shows of the 21st century

The Thick Of It is the highest rated British comedy in fourth place. Also listed: The Office (6), Fleabag (8), Peep Show (9), Nighty Night (16), Black Mirror (23), Spaced (29), Catastrophe (34), Brass Eye (37), Detectorists (38), Nathan Barley (47), Black Books (53), Inside No. 9 (66), Shameless (70), The Inbetweeners (74), Gavin and Stacey (81), Fresh Meat (86), Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (92), The Trip (95) and The Mighty Boosh (98).

The Guardian, 16th September 2019

British comedy remakes that hit and missed in the US

The Office landed, while The Inbetweeners floundered - so what makes a good US remake?

Ben Allen, Radio Times, 29th May 2019

The Top 10 British sitcoms of the 90s

The 1990s were a period of renewed confidence in the UK. The economy continued to boom and Blair's huge majority made 'Cool Britannia' a phenomenon. Oasis and Blur fought it out as most influential band, and the Spice Girls were everywhere. What a time to be alive! Sitcoms didn't disappoint either, and offered a rich variety.

Greg Jameson, Entertainment Focus, 13th May 2019

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