Spaced. Image shows from L to R: Marsha Klein (Julia Deakin), Mike Watt (Nick Frost), Daisy Steiner (Jessica Hynes), Brian Topp (Mark Heap), Tim Bisley (Simon Pegg), Twist Morgan (Katy Carmichael).


Channel 4 sitcom about flatsharers. 14 episodes (2 series), 1999 - 2001. Stars Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, Julia Deakin, Nick Frost and others.

Tim Bisley

Graphic Artist, Assistant Manager of Fantasy Bazaar.   Played by: Simon Pegg

Born in Highgate to John and Julia Bisley on the 17th September 1974. He has a little sister called Katie (who once used all his Batman comics to make a cart; unable to salvage the comics he drove the cart into a pond, which is where he got a scar on his forehead).

Tim's preferred mode of transport of skateboarding and he has a potentially fatal allergy to Brazil nuts and has no memory of Christmas 1979 or Christmas 1994 (but cant remember why not!). An aspiring graphic artist, he hopes one day to work for DarkStar Comics but his only work that has been published to date is an LP cover for God's Third Leg (his sister's boyfriend's brother's band). He supplements the £50 he earned from that by being the Assistant Manager in Fantasy Bazaar (a comic shop). In reality, the only other person who works there is the manager Bilbo.

Whilst he denies being a sci-fi nerd, he claims that modern theories and speculations of contemporary authors have probably never been closer to the truth! Until the release of Phantom Menace, Tim is a massive Star Wars fan. His other key hobby is the PlayStation, he enjoys clubbing, and regularly pleasures himself over pictures of Gillian Anderson! Whilst she was named FHM's Sexiest Woman of the Year in 1996, Tim wasn't placed.

Tim recently split up with his girlfriend, Sarah, after she cheated on him with her boss, Duane Benzie, which he remains cut up over. Throughout the series, Daisy and Tim become closer and romantic tension between them intensifies. Tim also dates Sophie who works for Dark Star Comics.

Tim prefers the tight-legged cotton pant as opposed to the boxer and for his fifth birthday he got a miniature drum kit. Tim does not understand Brian's artwork, and is scared of lightning, dogs and bamboo.

Daisy Steiner

Writer.   Played by: Jessica Hynes (as Jessica Stevenson)

Born in Richmond to Ben and Emily Steiner in 1975, Daisy has an older brother and a younger sister. She graduated from Kingston Poly (University) with a third in Humanities in 1996 (which is fine and what she expected: she also consoles herself that Michelle in EastEnders got a third).

At the beginning of the series Daisy has a boyfriend - Richard - who is studying in Hull, although it is clear she is not faithful to him. She wants to be a journalist, but prefers to avoid work. When she does work, she is rude and confrontational to both customers and her superiors. Her best friend, Twist, works in fashion (specifically, at a laundrette).

Daisy has no skincare routine to speak of and is scared of mice and spiders. Tim believes that she is even more scared that the two may cross breed and form an all powerful race.

Daisy met Tim in a café when both were looking for a home and then decided that they should pretend to be a couple to rent Marsha's flat. Despite a short relationship at the beginning of the first series, Daisy remains single, although there is growing sexual tension between her and Tim throughout the series.

Marsha Klein

Landlady.   Played by: Julia Deakin

In her youth Marsha trained as a top athlete and was aiming for the world championships until she met her future husband, who simultaneously knocked her off her bike and introduced her to alcohol. However, after her husband chose the dog over her, Marsha is a single mother to Amber and landlady to Brian, Daisy and Tim. She is very fond of Brian and subsequently jealous of Twist.

Marsha is lost without a bottle of red and a cigarette and sees her tenants as a kind of urban family.

Mike Watt

Lolly Pop Man.   Played by: Nick Frost

Mike was unable to join the real Army due to a childhood accident leading to detached retinas (for which Tim blames himself). However, he substitutes this with a job as a Lollipop Man and being a member of the TA.

In the first series, Mike was kicked out of the TA for stealing a tank and trying to invade Paris (he was apprehended on Space Mountain). However, as the series progresses he is re-accepted into their ranks and then promoted to Sergeant.

Mike and Tim are very close and he gets upset when Tim starts seeing Sophie. Despite Mike's military interests he is very sweet-natured.

Brian Topp

Artist.   Played by: Mark Heap

Brian lodges in the basement of Marsha's house and is a quiet and shy, if a little misguided, man. An artist whose main focuses are pain, fear, anger and aggression, he has unclear relationship with his landlady and later dates Twist, which he ends when he realises he cannot paint unless he is angry.

Brian's past seems to have affected him greatly. He was unable to tell his parents he is an artist for a long time as he believed they would be ashamed of him. He tells his mother that he is a lawyer. When Brian was a child he had a dog called Pom-Pom who got hit by an articulated lorry when he threw a stick across the road for him; this, combined with a sour working relationship with Vulva has ebbed away at his confidence.

Twist Morgan

Laundrette Operative.   Played by: Katy Carmichael

Although Twist is Daisy's best friend from university she is often rude to Daisy about her figure and her dress sense. Claiming to work in fashion, Twist is in fact employed in a launderette. She uses her apparent expertise to insult other peoples' taste in clothing regualrly.

Twist has a relationship with Brian, which she claims finished because they clashed.


Played by: Lucy Akhurst

Beautiful Sophie is an assistant at Dark Star comics. Tim has always fancied her, and they start seeing each other - whilst Marsha is being hoodwinked into believing Tim and Daisy are the item.

Their relationship is a good one, but ultimately doomed as Sophie cannot refuse a job offer from Marvel in Seattle.


Worked for Dark Star Comics.   Played by: Anna Wilson Jones

Sarah works for Dark Star Comics and (like Gillian Anderson) has often been the object of Tim's fantasies. She is a generous, lovely person who people struggle to find fault with. However, after a short relationship with Tim, Sophie was promoted to a job in the USA.

Bilbo Bagshot

Manager at Fantasy Bazaar.   Played by: Bill Bailey

Bilbo runs Fantasy Bazaar where Tim works. He fires Tim for telling a small boy off for wanting to buy a Jar Jar Binks toy, but he soon realises that he misses Tim and rehires him. He understands why Tim dislikes dogs, but he cannot understand how he can be scared of Colin.

Duane Benzie

Duane is a tall, smooth, slimy man who Tim constantly wishes he could get revenge on after his affair with Tim's girlfriend, Sarah.

Tim eventually gets his way when they play paintball together.

Tyres O'Flaherty

Bicycle Courier.   Played by: Michael Smiley

Tyres is a bicycle courier (hence his name) who lives for clubbing and nights out. He has a short attention span, which Tim uses to his advantage to borrow money.

Due to his lifestyle (and lots of drugs) he has mood swings in which he shouts at Tim and Daisy for not working and not being together. He can also hear music in everything, from a phone ringing to a kettle boiling.