Son Of The Bride. Neville Leggit (Terry Scott). Copyright: BBC.

Son Of The Bride

BBC One sitcom about a man and his mother. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1973. Stars Terry Scott, Mollie Sugden, George A. Cooper, Josephine Tewson and others.

Series 1

1. Mother Rocks The Boat

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th June 1973

Neville has been happy living with his mother all his life but things are about to change. No longer will he be the only object of affection in her life...


2. A Hostile Engagement

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th June 1973

When Mum announces her engagement to Stan, Neville is furious and decides that the only thing to do is to leave home.


3. Of Unsound Mind

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th June 1973

Neville is prepared to go to desperate measures to stop Mum from marrying Stan - he visits a psychiatrist to see if he can get her certified!


4. Anything But The Truth

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th June 1973

When he realises that he is losing his battle, Neville hires a private eye to see if Stan has any skeletons in his cupboard that can be used against him.


5. Blue Movies Always Make Me Cry

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th July 1973

Neville's contribution to Stan's stag night is to provide a home movie show but the content turns out to be unexpected...


6. The Best Man Always Wins - Sometimes

First broadcast: Wednesday 11th July 1973

Now that the wedding day has arrived, Neville is determined that nothing will go right and chaos ensues.