Sick Note. Image shows from L to R: Daniel Glass (Rupert Grint), Dr Iain Glennis (Nick Frost). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Sick Note

Sky One sitcom starring Rupert Grint and Nick Frost. 14 episodes (2 series), 2017 - 2018. Stars Rupert Grint, Nick Frost, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Daniel Rigby and others.

Daniel Glass

Played by: Rupert Grint
Sick Note. Daniel Glass (Rupert Grint). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Daniel is a slacker. He is diagnosed with cancer just as he is about to be fired from his job and lose his girlfriend. The bad news makes everyone suddenly be much nicer to him. When he later learns that it was a mis-diagnosis, he's not that keen to let everyone know he's healthy after all.

Dr Iain Glennis

Played by: Nick Frost
Sick Note. Dr Iain Glennis (Nick Frost). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Dr Glennis is a terrible doctor. He's clumsy, forgetful and should be struck off. If anyone finds out he mis-diagnosed Daniel, his career and marriage will be over... so he enters a pact to keep the lie going.

Becca Palmerstone

Sick Note. Becca Palmerstone (Pippa Bennett-Warner). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Becca's is Daniel's girlfriend. They essentially have broken up... but she's now back with him to help him get through the cancer. However, she is also sleeping with Daniel's best friend Ash.

Officer Hayward

Played by: Daniel Rigby
Sick Note. Officer Hayward (Daniel Rigby). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Officer Hayward first stops Ian Glennis because the doctor is driving around very slowly. Hayward soon becomes very suspicious of Glennis's behaviour and starts to investigate him more closely. The investigation soon takes over his life, and he starts tailing the duo even when he is off duty.

Michael Serasau

Played by: Karl Theobald
Sick Note. Michael Serasau (Karl Theobald). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Michael is Daniel's very understanding boss at We Cover Insurance. He is very happy for Daniel to take as much time off work as he needs to cope with his 'cancer'. Michael also stops Kenny West from getting too carried away, and tries to ensure his boss follows proper HR protocols.

Linda Zerafa

Played by: Marama Corlett
Sick Note. Linda Zerafa (Marama Corlett). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Linda is an employee at We Cover Insurance. She is always upbeat, despite things going wrong around her. She often tries to cheer Daniel up too. Linda likes inventing things, but has yet to have anyone interested in any of her ideas.

Katerina West (Series 2)

Played by: Lindsay Lohan
Sick Note. Katerina West (Lindsay Lohan). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

A tragedy at We Cover means Katerina West, the no-holds-barred daughter of Kenny, flies in to save the company... and she's got a seriously awkward job for Daniel to undertake.

Annette Glennis

Sick Note. Annette Glennis (Belinda Stewart-Wilson). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Annette is Ian's wife. She clearly doesn't love him any more and is only staying with him as he is bringing in a decent wage. She is often horrible to him, and doesn't even seem upset when her husband attempts to commit suicide.

Vanessa Matthews

Played by: Camilla Beeput
Camilla Beeput.

Vanessa was married to Ash. She is trying to work out why her husband is no longer around.


Dustin Demri-Burns.

Will_5000 is the man that Daniel plays computer games with. At first they only talk via headsets via the game, but then Will turns up at Daniel's flat... making things very awkward. He wears a face mask as he says he was scarred as a child.

Superintendent Henchy (Series 2)

Played by: Alison King
Sick Note. Superintendent Henchy (Alison King). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Henchy is in charge of the local police force. She is concerned that Officer Hayward is becoming fixated with one case and appears to be going off the rails.

Duty Officer Patrick (Series 2)

Played by: Seb Cardinal
Sick Note. Duty Officer Patrick (Seb Cardinal). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Patrick is the upbeat officer on the front desk at the police station. He seems oblivious to the fact Hayward is running his own investigation, and equally fails to spot that Daniel and Iain are probably not being entirely truthful with him.

Dr Samson

Played by: Miles Richardson
Sick Note. Dr Samson (Miles Richardson). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Samson is Glennis's boss at the doctor's surgery. He likes the fact that Glennis is treating Daniel as it means We Cover Insurance is paying his practice lots of money. He can often be found at the local country club, and suggests that Glennis becomes a member too.

Kenny West (Series 1)

Played by: Don Johnson
Sick Note. Kenny West (Don Johnson). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Kenny is Daniel's brash boss. He runs the insurance company with verbal bullying and a reckless attitude. He would fire Daniel... except that, now the media are interested in the story, it would look insensitive. He keeps taking Linda out for dinner pretending to be interested in her inventions... he just wants to get her in bed really though.

Kenny is no longer around in Series 2... we find out why in the first episode of the second series.

Ash Matthews (Series 1)

Played by: Tolulope Ogunmefun (as Tolu Ogunmefun)
Sick Note. Ash Matthews (Tolulope Ogunmefun). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Ash is Daniel's best friend. Although they can't actually be that good friends... as Ash is sleeping with Becca, and when Daniel thinks he's accidentally killed Ash he doesn't seem that upset about it.

Ash is no longer around now either.