Siblings. Image shows from L to R: Dan (Tom Stourton), Hannah (Charlotte Ritchie). Copyright: Bwark Productions.


BBC Three sitcom about a brother and sister. 12 episodes (2 series), 2014 - 2016. Stars Charlotte Ritchie and Tom Stourton.

Video Clips

Dad's birthday

Dan and Hannah are off to their Dad's birthday party - Dan's pretty sure that his very special gift will secure him the title of Favourite Child.

From Series 2, Episode 4. Featuring: Charlotte Ritchie (Hannah), Tom Stourton (Dan).

Hannah's date

Hannah's been having a great time with the latest dating app...

From Series 2, Episode 3. Featuring: Charlotte Ritchie (Hannah), Jeremy Neumark Jones (Dylan).

Golden week

Dan has invited Aunt Leslie to stay, which adds to Hannah's 'Golden Week'.

From Series 2, Episode 2. Featuring: Charlotte Ritchie (Hannah), Tom Stourton (Dan), Sally Phillips (Aunt Leslie).

Dan the caretaker

Dan has finally got a job - working as a cleaner at Hannah's office.

From Series 2, Episode 1. Featuring: Tom Stourton (Dan), Matthew Steer (Kevin).

Flabby Debby

Hannah runs into an old friend at the funeral.

From Series 1, Episode 6. Featuring: Charlotte Ritchie (Hannah), Cariad Lloyd (Debbie).

Ms Burrito and the busker

Whilst enjoying a burrito and a Swedish drama, Hannah meets a musician but Dan is sceptical.

From Series 1, Episode 5. Featuring: Charlotte Ritchie (Hannah), Tom Stourton (Dan), Killian Scott (Bryn).