Shameless. Frank Gallagher (David Threlfall). Copyright: Company Pictures.


Channel 4 and E4 comedy drama about a dysfunctional family. 139 episodes (11 series), 2004 - 2013. Stars David Threlfall, Gerard Kearns, Elliott Tittensor, Luke Tittensor and others.

Series 10

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th September 2012

The unthinkable has happened... the Department of Work and Pensions has finally caught up with job dodger Frank. He's a 'dead man walking' to... a job!

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2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Thursday 13th September 2012

Frank loves his new job at World of Burgers. His banter and laid-back approach wins the respect of the team and sales figures increase.

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3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th September 2012

Marty befriends a Brazilian housemaid and determines to rescue her from her life of servitude.

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4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th September 2012

Billy discovers a used pregnancy test after Mimi, Karen and Gloria spend the night boozing. He turns to Jamie for advice, and both of them set out to discover who's the daddy.

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5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Tuesday 25th September 2012

Consumed with guilt after the hit and run, Shane tries to makes amends by befriending Ruth, the widow of the man he killed.

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6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Marty makes a life-changing decision and finds the nerve to propose to Kelly. Over the moon, she accepts.

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7. Episode Seven

First broadcast: Wednesday 10th October 2012

Business is booming for Jackson and Shane, expansion is afoot and their future looks rosy. But when Jackson spots Shane giving leftover food to the homeless, all hell breaks loose.

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8. Episode Eight

First broadcast: Wednesday 17th October 2012

When Dom receives a cryptic text from an ex in desperation it prompts a crisis of faith and he turns to Frank for some major help.

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9. Episode Nine

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th October 2012

Jamie must act swiftly to lay down the law and protect his family from gang threats, but it's not easy when the enemy are so well informed. Someone has to be passing the gang inside information, but who?


10. Episode Ten

First broadcast: Wednesday 31st October 2012

It's a big day for Mimi Maguire - it's her first wedding anniversary to Billy and they're going to renew their vows. Determined to make a fresh start, Mimi sets about throwing away memories of her past life with Paddy, but she alienates a furious Ruby with her comments about her dad.


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