Richard Hammond's Secret Service. Richard Hammond. Copyright: Initial.

Richard Hammond's Secret Service

BBC One sketch show with hidden cameras. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2013. Stars Richard Hammond, John Killoran, Kelly-Anne Lyons, Dan Poole and others.

Video Clips

Bus Stop 3000

Cabbie John comes home to discover that the all singing all dancing 'Bus Stop 3000' has been installed across his precious drop curb parking space...

From Series 1, Episode 6.

Teleportation Hoax

Will gullible Paddy believe he has just witnessed the first human teleportation?

From Series 1, Episode 5.

Priceless Graffiti Hoax

Daughter Becky wanted to see her curtain twitching mother Gillian in a flap... so the secret service sprayed on her house.

From Series 1, Episode 4.

The Wedding Planner Prank

Trainee wedding planner Chelsea has been set up by her aunt to try and teach her the lesson that things don't just magically fall into place.

From Series 1, Episode 3.

A blind date with Liberty

Lev sets up his best friend Legzy on a blind date with the lovely Liberty from the show. As she begins to put him through his paces, will Legzy do whatever it takes to win her heart?

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From Series 1, Episode 2.

Meet the Parents

Tasha is setting up her parents - they will meet her 'new' boyfriend's parents, royals from a totally made-up country. Will they like their 'traditional' gift?

From Series 1, Episode 1.