Scott On.... Terry Scott. Copyright: BBC.

Scott On...

BBC Two sketch show starring Terry Scott. 30 episodes (5 series), 1964 - 1974. Stars Terry Scott, June Whitfield and Rita Webb.


The first episode, a one-off special in 1964, was written as a comedy showcase for Kenneth Williams's expansive talents. However, he pulled out shortly before recording and Terry Scott took his place.

From the second special - the first colour episode, broadcast on 29th September 1968, Scott On Marriage - Terry was joined by June Whitfield. Their first time working together, it would establish one of British comedy's greatest pairings.

Scott and Whitfield's professional partnership lasted 19 years, through one of Britain's most successful sitcoms, Terry And June. Their working relationship only ended when it was cancelled in 1987.

David Frost's hugely successful series The Frost Report is often considered to be a landmark in sketch comedy, focusing on a single topic in each episode. However, Scott On... predates it by almost 2 years.