Scot Squad. Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson (Jack Docherty).

Scot Squad

BBC Scotland and BBC One Scotland and BBC Two Scotland sitcom about police officers. 31 episodes (pilot + 5 series), 2012 - 2019. Stars Jack Docherty, Jordan Young, Sally Reid, Ashley Smith and others.

Another series is in development.
Series 4, Episode 1 is repeated on Thursday 23rd July at 10pm.

Series 4

Scot Squad. Bobby Muir (Darren Connell). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th November 2017

Bobby fidgets with something explosive despite Officer Karen's pleas he keeps his paws off.

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Scot Squad. Image shows from L to R: Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson (Jack Docherty), Barbara Edwards (Lorraine McIntosh). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd November 2017

The traffic cops tackle a dodgy driver, detectives smash a smuggling operation and the Chief bravely faces up to a blast from his past with Lorraine McIntosh guest starring as his ex-wife.

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Scot Squad. Bobby Muir (Darren Connell). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Wednesday 29th November 2017

PCs Singh and McKirdy gallantly help out a hen do transport their obscene inflatable, while Chief Commissioner Miekelson's attempts at international diplomacy involves shouting loudly at a computer during a video conference.

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Scot Squad. Image shows from L to R: Artie Trezise, PC Hugh McKirdy (Graeme Stevely), Cilla Fisher, PC Surjit Singh (Manjot Sumal). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th December 2017

PC Jack McLaren battles a shoplifting bam and his own claustrophobia in a broken lift.

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Scot Squad. Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th December 2017

PC Ken Beattie finds himself duped by the offer of free hugs from a stranger, The Chief is stumped by a new crime-fighting campaign; and countryside coppers, PC Charlie McIntosh and PC Jane MacKay find a spiritual connection in their latest investigation.

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6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th December 2017

This week, the bold band of Braveheart bam-busters catch a break in a break-in case, net some fish thieves in a robbery and deal with an expensive drop of whisky.

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