TV schedule Monday 29th November 2021

Class Dismissed. Copyright: BBC

Class Dismissed

Series 6, Episode 1 - Newbies

Headteachers Miss BFF and Miss BFF usher in lows of new faces at Quayside Academy.

The Outlaws

The Outlaws

Episode 6 - Episode Six

Even with redemption seemingly in reach, the outlaws find their time running out and the net closing in on them. They face a stark choice - die apart or survive together?

Frankie Boyle's New World Order

Frankie Boyle's New World Order

Series 5, Episode 6 - Episode Six

Frankie Boyle returns to BBC Two with his New World Order to help make sense of the bewildering times we live in.

Along For The Ride With David O'Doherty

Along For The Ride With David O'Doherty

Episode 2 - Brecon Beacons with Grayson Perry

David is joined by artist and former mountain bike racer Grayson Perry, as they take to the Brecon Beacons, to enjoy the stunning views and tackle the challenging hills. During the two-day trip, they bond over Grayson's career, childhood tales and his disdain for nature, and attempt to conquer a gruelling five-mile climb while deeply hungover.

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