TV schedule Wednesday 24th November 2021

Nova Jones. Copyright: JAM Media

Nova Jones

Episode 10 - Nova Remembers Everything

Excited to discuss her favourite hits on Bobbles' chart show, Nova has her personality accidentally wiped as she goes on air. Can Nova remember herself through her songs?

Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains

Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains

Series 3, Episode 3 - Episode Three

Rhod is joined by Jim Moir, Lorraine Kelly and Kae Kurd as they travel back in time. Discover who had erotic fantasies about Star Trek and who was a teenage criminal.

Brassic. Copyright: Calamity Films


Series 3, Episode 8 - Episode Eight

Driven mad with worry, Erin has told Vinnie about the money she owes McCann. But when McCann's men kidnap Tyler as a warning, Vinnie is so furious that he kidnaps McCann's twins in retaliation and the situation worsens.

Live At The Apollo

Live At The Apollo

Series 16, Episode 3 - Zoe Lyons, Ria Lina, Tom Ward

The magnificent Zoe Lyons introduces comedians Ria Lina and Tom Ward to the stage.

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