Ross Noble Freewheeling. Ross Noble
Ross Noble Freewheeling

Ross Noble Freewheeling

  • TV factual
  • Dave
  • 2013 - 2015
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Ross Noble sets off around Britain - with his fans on Twitter dictating where he goes and what he does when he gets there. Features Ross Noble.

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Viewers can see comedian Ross Noble's take on Northampton when an hour-long show filmed in the town is screened tomorrow.

It will feature as episode three of the second series of Freewheeling, the show where he visits different areas in the country, following recommendations from Twitter followers, to explore all they have to offer - including the good, the bad and even the ugly.

Last June, the Newcastle-born comedian spent two days filming in the town after someone tweeted him saying he should not bother coming here.

During that time, he led fans and local dignitaries on a whirlwind tour as he placed makeshift blue plaques on the former homes of national celebrities, put a pair of his own shoes in the Museum & Art Gallery, and threw a DVD of Love Actually down the National Lift Tower.

During an interview ahead of his Tangentleman stand-up tour earlier this year, he said: "When we arrive in a certain place we never film more than about 15 minutes before moving to the next place.

"But we were in Northampton all day and it's the only town that has a whole episode to itself - that's an entire hour of Northampton-based comedy."

Francesca Gosling, Northampton Chronicle, 6th April 2015

Series two of the show where the Tyneside titter-merchant undertakes road trips mapped out according to the whims of his Twitter army. In this series opener, Noble invents a fictional cheese festival, turns court reporter at the behest of a defendant, and provides an airport homecoming way more grandiose than a surname scribbled on cardboard. Beyond all else, it's proof that as long as you turn up with a camera crew and a winsome way with words, you can get away with pretty much anything.

Mark Jones, The Guardian, 24th March 2015

It's about time there's a travelogue which is aggressively predisposed to purging any intelligence from Ross Noble's travels. You will not learn anything from Noble's adventures, which are guided by suggestions on Twitter, and that's exactly what he wants.

What you will do instead is marvel at how Noble's days spiral into ever more bizarre orbits, this series beginning with a trip to someone's house in Leicester to help a bloke win £100, and ending with Ross leading a campaign, supported by Billy Ocean (yes, that Billy Ocean), to aid a chap embroiled in an unexciting court case. This joyous nonsense also stars a man who tells Ross he has an air raid shelter for a special purpose - he says, 'What does a single man do 80% of this life?'. Weep over piles of festering washing up?

Toby Earle, Evening Standard, 24th March 2015

TV review: Ross Noble: Freewheeling, Dave

Every comedian gets the TV series they deserve. Grumpy stand-ups get sitcoms in which they play grumpy versions of themselves. Snappy stand-ups get shiny floor comedies. And so master improvisor Ross Noble, who goes onstage not really knowing what is going to happen, gets Freewheeling, literally a comedy roadshow - he hits the tarmac on his motorbike in search of fun, with fans on Twitter pointing him in various unexpected directions.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 24th March 2015

Ross Noble interview

Ross Noble's brand of quirky spontaneity has seen him collect a live, online and TV following. Where exactly Freewheeling will take him next, however? That we've yet to see.

Herts and Essex Observer, 23rd March 2015

Ross Noble interview

People ask me all the time - "Is it not scary not knowing what's going to happen?" - and the way I look at it, is that's what's exciting in life. That's what I look for.

Elliot Gonzalez, I Talk Telly, 16th March 2015

An interview with Ross Noble

Ross Noble's brand of quirky spontaneity has seen him collect a live, online and TV following. Where exactly Freewheeling will take him next, however? That we've yet to see.

The Burton Mail, 12th March 2015

Interview: Ross Noble

A favourite at the Edinburgh Fringe and a vigilant stand-up gigger, Ross Noble has previously admitted to planning entire shows around "about four words on a scrap of paper." It's hardly surprising then, that his foray into television takes a similarly unstructured form. He merges the conventions of spontaneous comedy with the massive network for randomness that social media has to offer. Noble's broadcasting brainchild is Freewheeling; "It's a show that doesn't have a format, we make it up as we go along," he explains.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 11th March 2015

Video: Ross Noble's 'court date' in Sunderland

Noble - famed for his surreal improvisations - ended up in Sunderland after Fulwell man Brian Aslett tweeted him to ask for support at a case at the city's county court.

The Sunderland Echo, 6th June 2014

Ross Noble in Leicester filming for Freewheeling

Ross Noble popped up in Leicester yesterday as he filmed for his Freewheeling TV series.

Leicester Mercury, 4th June 2014

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