Room 101. Paul Merton. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions / BBC.

Room 101 (1994)

BBC One and BBC Two chat show. 88 episodes (11 series), 1994 - 2007. Stars Nick Hancock and Paul Merton.

Series 8

1. Ronan Keating

First broadcast: Monday 3rd November 2003

Ronan Keating attempts to get of rudeness, hangovers and daft questions at interviews.

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2. Boris Johnson

First broadcast: Monday 10th November 2003

Boris Johnson talks about his hatred of Lynda Lee Potter, smoking bans and people who are rude to him when he is cycling.

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3. Linda Smith

First broadcast: Monday 17th November 2003

Linda Smith talks about her hatred of adults who read Harry Potter, Tim Henman and men who wear bowties.

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4. Gordon Ramsey

First broadcast: Monday 24th November 2003

Gordon Ramsey talks about why he dislikes traffic wardens, okra and London taxi drivers.

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5. Ross Noble

First broadcast: Monday 1st December 2003

Ross Noble rants about his loathing of people who look like cats, cartoon animals who wear clothes and clipboards.

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6. Sean Lock

First broadcast: Monday 8th December 2003

Sean Lock discusses the problems he has with Jeremy Clarkson, actors and concrete.

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7. Ron Atkinson

First broadcast: Monday 15th December 2003

Ron Atkinson chats about his dislike of footballers who complain, snakes and DIY.

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8. Bruce Forsyth

First broadcast: Thursday 1st January 2004

Bruce Forsyth chats about the horrors of the rules of golf, directors who make fast cuts and Yugoslavia.

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