Room 101. Paul Merton. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions / BBC.

Room 101 (1994)

BBC One and BBC Two chat show. 88 episodes (11 series), 1994 - 2007. Stars Nick Hancock and Paul Merton.

Series 4

1. Nick Hancock

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd July 1999

The show's original host, Nick Hancock, finally gets his chance of getting rid of the things he hates, such as New Year's Eve, people who don't know how to argue and football.

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2. Michael Parkinson

First broadcast: Thursday 29th July 1999

Michael Parkinson discusses his dislike of Teletubbies, teenagers and the small piece of cotton which holds together a new pair of socks.

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3. Spike Milligan

First broadcast: Thursday 5th August 1999

Spike Milligan talks about his loathing of Portsmouth, football and his own house.

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4. Jim Davidson

First broadcast: Thursday 12th August 1999

Jim Davidson rants about his hatred of Richard Madeley, Paul Daniels and left-wingers.

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5. John Sergeant

First broadcast: Thursday 19th August 1999

John Sergeant talks about his hatred of war reporting, Margaret Thatcher and shopping for shoes.

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6. Meera Syal

First broadcast: Thursday 26th August 1999

Meera Syal talks about the horrors of the skin on rice pudding and custard, Austria and cockroaches.

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7. Esther Rantzen

First broadcast: Thursday 2nd September 1999

Esther Rantzen discusses the horrors of leggings, housework and body piercing.

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8. Julian Clary

First broadcast: Thursday 9th September 1999

Julian Clary talks about his disliking of boats, spitting and the left-hand side of his own face.

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