Room 101. Paul Merton. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions / BBC.

Room 101 (1994)

BBC One and BBC Two chat show. 88 episodes (11 series), 1994 - 2007. Stars Nick Hancock and Paul Merton.

Series 11

1. Cilla Black

First broadcast: Friday 5th January 2007

Cilla Black rants about her problems with weather forecasters, camera phones and unwrapped food.

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2. Marcus Brigstocke

First broadcast: Friday 12th January 2007

Marcus Brigstocke chats about his hatred of David Blaine, grammar bullies and his own appetite.

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3. Nigel Havers

First broadcast: Friday 19th January 2007

Nigel Havers chats about his problems with global warming, conservatories and dogs that live in cities.

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4. Mark Steel

First broadcast: Friday 26th January 2007

Mark Steel discusses his dislike of Bono, teachers who destory the confidence of their pupils and Ben Elton.

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5. Davina McCall

First broadcast: Friday 2nd February 2007

Davina McCall talks about the horrors of fake things, competitive mothers and the music of Frank Sinatra.

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Special: Ian Hislop

First broadcast: Friday 9th February 2007

Ian Hislop returns to Room 101 to get rid of everything that Paul Merton holds dear, such as The Beatles, Charlie Chaplin and ... Paul Merton!

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