Roman's Empire. Roman Pretty (Neil Dudgeon). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Roman's Empire

BBC Two sitcom about a domineering family. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2007. Stars Neil Dudgeon, Montserrat Lombard, Sarah Solemani, Mathew Horne and others.

Roman's Empire. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

About Roman's Empire

Roman's Empire is a BBC Two comedy focusing on the life of self-made millionaire Roman Pretty and his family. Roman rules the roost both at work and at home and he makes sure the men who date his beautiful daughters play an active role in his business empire - whether they want to or not! Spoiled and self-centred but ultimately big-hearted, the Pretty family somehow charm their way through life. Probably because they have an obscene amount of money!

Roman started his empire running a caravan park. Before long he had developed it into a multi-million pound leisure and travel agency, branching out to places people never knew they wanted to go. Like Somalia!

His ex-glamour model wife Morwenna and his three daughters are extraordinarily close, taking time every week for an emotional 'Roman forum'. When middle daughter Nikki returns from filming B-movie thriller The Squid her long-term boyfriend Leo proposes, only to find she's returned with a new boyfriend - the public school rugger-boy Seb.

Meanwhile, eldest daughter Jenny is the proud mother of baby Nikki. Boyfriend Jase has been unable to escape the relationship for several years, through a mixture of bad luck and laziness. Fatherhood is the final straw - as he looks for an escape from his new responsibilities, the baby finds a way of reaching out to him (by speaking to him through a demonic voice).