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TV Review: Riot Girls

Some of the best moments were when the public were totally blindsided. At one point the foursome set up a stall - the "Fannispa" - in a shopping centre offering alternative beauty products.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 11th May 2018

TV review: Riot Girls

Serious points about gender politics were made in a style that melded Trigger Happy TV with Smack the Pony, but it was only half funny.

Carol Midgley, The Times, 11th May 2018

The threat of hidden-camera pranks is one black mark against this comedy pilot, while sketches exploring "issues" such as the gender pay gap and public transport manspreading sound worryingly worthy. Still, the talent of these young comics may just win out. The fearless foursome includes stand-up Sophie Duker, ex-teacher Jen Wakefield, Cam Spence, who made the award-winning short film Polly, and Grace "daughter of Alastair" Campbell. Could it be Smack The Pony 2018? As long as funny doesn't lose out to topical.

Ellen E Jones, The Guardian, 10th May 2018

Grace Campbell talks about why they made Riot Girls

Riot Girls is a 'feminist prank show' - how often have you seen those three words in the same sentence in the TV schedules? Not long ago, the word 'feminist' would have ensured we'd never even make it to a commissioning editor, let alone get the green light.

Grace Campbell, Refinery 29, 10th May 2018

Grace Campbell interview

"My dad's found his match in me" - Stand-up comedian and activist on her new feminist prank show and being Alastair's daughter.

Susannah Butter, Evening Standard, 10th May 2018

Channel 4 orders prank special Riot Girls

Grace Campbell, Sophie Duker, Jen Wakefield and Cam Spence will star in a new one-off hidden camera prank show for Channel 4.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd February 2018

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