Rings On Their Fingers. Image shows from L to R: Sandy (Bennett) Pryde (Diane Keen), Oliver Pryde (Martin Jarvis). Copyright: BBC.

Rings On Their Fingers

BBC One sitcom. 20 episodes (3 series), 1978 - 1980. Stars Diane Keen, Martin Jarvis, Tim Barrett, Barbara Lott, Anna Dawson, John Kane and Royce Mills.

Series 1

1. What Difference Does A Piece Of Paper Make?

First broadcast: Friday 13th October 1978

After six years of happily enjoying non-marital bliss Sandy has started dropping heavy hints about getting married. Oliver is happy living with her in his flat and desperately tries to persuade her of the flaws in her plan.

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2. Lead Me To The Altar

First broadcast: Friday 20th October 1978

Oliver has agreed to put their relationship on to a more conventional footing and has now become aware of the expense involved. But it's the change of attitude from his friends and colleagues that surprise him the most ... even Sandy notices it.


3. The Knot

First broadcast: Friday 27th October 1978

In order to satisfy Sandy's superstitions about the bride not seeing the groom before the wedding, Oliver decides to spend his final night as a bachelor with his friend Edgar.


4. Vive La Difference

First broadcast: Friday 3rd November 1978

Sandy and Oliver are honeymooning in Brighton and are staying in their favourite hotel. The difference from all the other times they have stayed there is that this time they are in the honeymoon suite - but is that really the only difference?


5. Wholly Deadlock

First broadcast: Friday 10th November 1978

Having returned from their honeymoon Sandy and Oliver are finding married life to be less than idyllic and some well-meaning friends just add to the tension.


6. Party Mood

First broadcast: Friday 17th November 1978

When they find out that they have not been invited to a friend's party, Sandy and Oliver are naturally upset but when they realise that they are the only ones not invited they blame it on their new marital status.


Christmas Special: Merry Christmas

First broadcast: Saturday 23rd December 1978

It's their first Christmas together and so to celebrate they decide to invite both sets of parents over for Boxing Day lunch - at least that was the plan!