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Red Dwarf. Image shows from L to R: Cat (Danny John-Jules), Rimmer (Chris Barrie), Lister (Craig Charles), Kryten (Robert Llewellyn). Copyright: Grant Naylor Productions / BBC.

Red Dwarf

Dave sitcom set on a space ship. 67 episodes (11 series), 1988 - 2016. Stars Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and others.

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Series IV

Red Dwarf. Mechanoid Camille (Judy Pascoe). Copyright: Grant Naylor Productions / BBC.

1. Camille

First broadcast: Thursday 14th February 1991

Rescuing a mechanoid, Camille, from a crashed spaceship, Kryten falls in love instantly. However, so does Rimmer. And Lister's quite taken with her too. Just what is going on?

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Red Dwarf. Kryten (Robert Llewellyn). Copyright: Grant Naylor Productions / BBC.

2. D.N.A.

First broadcast: Thursday 21st February 1991

Venturing off of Red Dwarf to explore an identified ship floating nearby, the crew find all its inhabitants dead. In a characteristically inquisitive manner, Cat discovers a DNA modification machine, and unwittingly turns Kryten human.

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Red Dwarf. Rimmer (Chris Barrie). Copyright: Grant Naylor Productions / BBC.

3. Justice

First broadcast: Thursday 28th February 1991

In hopes of discovering a live human woman inside an escape pod found in the midsts of space, the Red Dwarf crew head to a prison colony to use its facilities. However, Rimmer could be in for a longer stay than he bargained for.

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4. White Hole

First broadcast: Thursday 7th March 1991

The crew decide it's time to increase Holly's IQ seeing as it is supposed to be about 6,000.

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5. Dimension Jump

First broadcast: Thursday 14th March 1991

In an alternate universe, we see another Arnold Rimmer. He's a test pilot in the Space Corps, and is more fondly named "Ace."

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6. Meltdown

First broadcast: Thursday 21st March 1991

Kryten discovers a matter transporter and transports the crew to 'Waxworld' - a theme park full of waxdroids.

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Series IV Products

Red Dwarf - Just The Show - Series IV

Red Dwarf - Just The Show - Series IV

Release date: Monday 7th March 2011

Series IV sees our motley crew now cluttering up the 23rd Century. Includes all six episodes: Camille sees Kryten get some mechanoid love interest (masked-up as Camille is Robert Llewllyn's real-life partner Judy Pascoe); DNA sees Rimmer planning to clone himself from his own dandruff and Kryten appears in human...

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Red Dwarf IV

Red Dwarf IV

Release date: Monday 16th February 2004

Red Dwarf Series 4, like its predecessors, comes as a two-disc set complete with full cast commentary for every episode, an extensive retrospective documentary (mostly featuring the cast reminiscing), deleted scenes and lots of other fun bits of trivia.

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