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Rab C. Nesbitt. Rab C. Nesbitt (Gregor Fisher). Copyright: The Comedy Unit
Rab C. Nesbitt

Rab C. Nesbitt

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two
  • 1988 - 2014
  • 66 episodes (10 series)

Long-running Scottish sitcom starring Gregor Fisher as Rab C Nesbitt, a rude, dirty, lazy, foul-mouthed, sexist alcoholic. Also features Elaine C. Smith, Tony Roper, Barbara Rafferty, Andrew Fairlie, Iain Robertson and more.

  • Series 4, Episode 3 repeated Saturday at 10:15pm on BBC Scotland
  • JustWatch Streaming rank this week: 3,056


Press clippings

Scotland's 20 greatest TV shows of all-time

Featuring 1. Still Game; 2. Bob Servant; 3. Chewin' The Fat; 4. Rab C. Nesbitt; 5. Scotch And Wry; 6. Scot Squad; 7. Limmy's Show!; 8. Two Doors Down; 9. Absolutely; 10. Taggart.

Matthew Elder, The Scotsman, 27th July 2020

What I think Rab C Nesbitt would say to Nicola Sturgeon

Govan's honest chancer, Rab C Nesbitt, can still hold his own among shows as good as latest hit Guilt and it would be interesting to hear his take on politicians like Nicola Sturgeon, Boris Johnson and the rest, writes Aidan Smith.

Aidan Smith, The Scotsman, 19th November 2019

Rab C Nesbitt set for TV comeback?

Gregor Fisher has hinted he is ready to don the string vest once more and return to our screens as street philosopher Rab C Nesbitt.

John Dingwall, Daily Record, 9th November 2019

The real Rab C. Nesbitt revealed

The writer of the iconic Scottish sitcom Rab C Nesbitt has revealed that his own uncle was the inspiration for the loveable drunken Govan rogue.

The Herald, 24th December 2017

Rab C Nesbitt star Sean Scanlan loses cancer fight

Sean Scanlan, who starred in TV series' such as Rab C. Nesbitt, has passed away. The 68 year-old, who played Rab's posh anglo cousin Shug, has died of throat cancer.

Glasgow Evening Times, 19th April 2017

Rab C Nesbitt stars inspired to bring show to stage

Elaine C Smith has revealed the return of Rab C Nesbitt to the stage is under way.

The script has now been written for the show, which will be the first for Glasgow's string-vested street philosopher since a UK tour in 1992.

Lorna Hughes, Daily Record, 26th February 2017

Rab C Nesbitt is ready to hang up his string vest

Gregor Fisher admits the character he created 30 years ago has probably been seen for the last time.

Chris Clements, Daily Record, 8th November 2016

Rab C Nesbitt to make comeback with live show

Rab C Nesbitt to make comeback with live show

Brian Beacom, The Herald, 10th October 2016

Gregor Fisher: Rab C. Nesbitt is a Greek tragedy!

Whether it's Rab C Nesbitt or a 100-year-old granny, Gregor Fisher still gets to eat a fish supper...

Steven MacKenzie, The Big Issue, 22nd May 2015

Is Rab C Nesbitt set for a comeback - on stage?

Hit TV comedy Rab C Nesbitt could be set for a comeback - on stage.

Jennifer Hyland, Daily Record, 17th March 2015

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