Rab C. Nesbitt. Rab C. Nesbitt (Gregor Fisher). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

Rab C. Nesbitt

BBC Two sitcom set around a Scottish drunk. 66 episodes (pilot + 10 series), 1988 - 2014. Stars Gregor Fisher, Elaine C. Smith, Tony Roper, Barbara Rafferty and others.

Series 3

1. Rich

First broadcast: Thursday 18th November 1993

With Mary critically ill in hospital, Rab takes the boys to Blackpool to take their minds of things, however Gash and Burney spend the day with their Uncle Shug and Aunt Phoebe, leaving Rab and Jamesie on beaver patrol.


2. Touch

First broadcast: Thursday 25th November 1993

Mary gets a job, with a lecherous boss and Rab fears that Mary may dump him so he turns to his best mate Jamesie for advice.


3. Gifted

First broadcast: Thursday 2nd December 1993

Burney is diagnosed as "gifted" and starts to attend art classes, this leaves Rab green with jealousy.


4. Wean

First broadcast: Thursday 9th December 1993

Ella and Jamesie want to have kids but they can't because Jamesie has been firing blanks. Jamesie asks Rab if he is willing to become a surrogate father, Rab agrees but it is revealed that Ella has been firing top blanks as well.


5. Right

First broadcast: Thursday 16th December 1993

MP Sandy McLean is totally messing up Govan and Rab (after spending time in jail getting a birthday kicking) and decides to do something about it, meanwhile his son Gash has turned into a drug addict and Burney has turned into a racist bigot.


6. Cell

First broadcast: Thursday 23rd December 1993

Has Rab's night in the cells driven his cell mate to suicide and his police guard to murder?


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