Quacks. Image shows from L to R: Dr. Hendrick (Rupert Everett), Robert (Rory Kinnear), Caroline (Lydia Leonard), William (Mathew Baynton), John (Tom Basden). Copyright: Lucky Giant.


BBC Two sitcom about three medical pioneers. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2017. Stars Rory Kinnear, Mathew Baynton, Tom Basden, Lydia Leonard and others.

Series 1

Quacks. Image shows from L to R: Tom Basden, Nicholas Blane. Copyright: Lucky Giant.

1. First. The Duke's Tracheotomy

First broadcast: Tuesday 15th August 2017

Robert prepares for a cutting-edge operation on a member of the nobility.

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Quacks. Charles Dickens (Andrew Scott). Copyright: Lucky Giant.

2. Second. The Lady's Abscess

First broadcast: Tuesday 22nd August 2017

William and Caroline meet the renowned author Charles Dickens, whilst a volunteer named Florence Nightingale arrives at the hospital.

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Quacks. Caroline (Lydia Leonard). Copyright: Lucky Giant.

3. Third. The Madman's Trial

First broadcast: Tuesday 29th August 2017

William concocts a daring plan to stage a mock trial to cure a deluded patient. John's debts leave him in desperate need to make money - by fair means or quackery. And Robert looks to advance his reputation by securing the backing of a wealthy female patron, Lady Campbell. But it turns out she is interested in more than just the contents of Robert's kit bag.

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Quacks. Mr Kapoor (Kayvan Novak). Copyright: Lucky Giant.

4. Fourth. The Indian Mesmerist

First broadcast: Tuesday 5th September 2017

Caroline arranges for herself and William to meet a charismatic hypnotist at a local curry house for a demonstration of his powers. William has a bladder stone and needs Robert to operate on him. William faces a choice between excruciating pain, or taking John's potentially lethal new drug, 'chloroform', during surgery. Robert, meanwhile, is suffering from the shakes and having vivid nightmares of his time in the navy.

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Quacks. Image shows from L to R: Robert (Rory Kinnear), Bishop of Lambeth (Roger Ashton-Griffiths). Copyright: Lucky Giant.

5. Fifth. The Bishop's Appendix

First broadcast: Tuesday 12th September 2017

Robert has a problematic patient - the Bishop of Lambeth needs his appendix removed or he will die. But he won't agree to pain relief or surgery. For the first time since losing his wife, John falls in love. However, his whirlwind romance is thrown into jeopardy when his intended reveals she's promised to another man; the wealthy Lord Thornycroft.

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Quacks. Patrice Dupont (Ben Willbond). Copyright: Lucky Giant.

6. Sixth. The Physician's Hernia

First broadcast: Tuesday 19th September 2017

When William's childhood friend Mina puts pressure on William to marry her, he has a difficult moral decision to make. Robert's rival, the suave French surgeon Patrice DuPont is due to perform surgery on Dr Hendrick himself. Patrice makes John a tempting offer to join him.