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BBC Two and BBC One panel show focusing on quite interesting facts. 233 episodes (pilot + 16 series), 2003 - 2018. Stars Sandi Toksvig, Stephen Fry and Alan Davies.

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Series N, Episode 6 is repeated on Dave today at 6pm.

Series F, Episode 8 - Fashion

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A Gomboc.

Extra Tasks

- As QI has now been going for six series, it is decided that a catchphrase should be created for the show. The panel are given a book of 19th century catchphrases and are asked to use either one of these, or one of their own. Bonus points are rewarded for best use of the catchphrases.

- Alan uses, "Has your mother sold her mangle?"

- Clive uses, "Who are you?"

- XL Tangent: Clive argues that "Who are you?" is still a catchphrase, as it is used at football grounds. When Norwich City (the club Stephen supports) got promoted into the Premiership, the ground began to sell out as more people came to support the club. The die-hard fans chanted at the new fans: "Where was you when we was crap?". Alan (an Arsenal fan) went to Norwich as an away fan and the Arsenal fans sang a song about sheep-shagging. The Norwich fans responded by singing a nine-verse song about sheep-shagging. The best chant Stephen ever heard was at an away match when Norwich were playing Brighton and Hove Albion, and the Brighton fans chanted, "You're better than us. You're better than us. We're crap, we're crap, we're crap, crap, crap!" The Norwich fans did not know how to respond back.

- Rich uses a phrase used by his grandfather: "You're dumber than a bag of wet mice."

- Reginald uses his own catchphrase, "Do what you do best", which he got from his mother. He once saw in the news his brother (a father of four or five children), in which a mother of five from Washington D.C. arguing that it was her right to have children without a man. He looked at his brother and said: "Get to D.C. and do what you do best."


- The most disastrous haircut ever was that of King Louis VII of France - it started the Hundred Year's War. He was a 13th century king who was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine. Louis VII was a deeply religious man and cut off his hair on the advice of monks. Eleanor was so angered by this that it was one of the contributing factors to her divorce from him. She then went to England and married King Henry II of England, which started the Hundred Year's War. You could also argue that another terrible haircut was Samson's haircut in the Bible. Correction: The Hundred Year's War began over 100 years after Henry II, Louis VII and Eleanor died, so it was not a direct cause for the war.

- Tangent: Rich jokingly claims that the world's worst haircut was that of the man who invented the Phillips Head Screw, because it parted in four-separate sections. This joke was previously made by Rich back in Series C.

- Tangent: King Louis VII was very abstinent and therefore rearly had sex. When he became ill, his courtiers suggested that it may be because he had not had sex. The Queen was sent for, but she was "too far away", so another woman was found. However, the King decided he would rather stay chaste than become an adulterer.

- Tangent: In "The Simpsons", the Hundred Years War was jokingly referred to as Operation Speedy Resolution.

[colour=#000080]-XL: The worst faux pas ever committed was by James Gordon Bennett - from whom the expression "Gordon Bennett" comes from. Bennett got drunk, went to his fiancee's house where she was having a party full of New York socialites, and urinated in the fireplace, thinking it was the toilet. The engagement was broken off, the fiancee's brother fought a duel with Bennett, which Bennett lost, and Bennett moved to Europe. This incident was in the Guinness Book of Records up until a few years ago as the worst faux pas ever. Amongst other things, Bennett once tipped a railway porter


For the corrections, see the QI Qibble Blog here (haircut) and here (dictator's balls)

Broadcast details

Friday 13th February 2009
30 minutes


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    Cast & crew

    Regular cast
    Stephen Fry Host / Presenter
    Alan Davies Regular Panellist
    Guest cast
    Rich Hall Guest
    Clive Anderson Guest
    Reginald D. Hunter Guest
    Writing team
    John Mitchinson Question Writer
    Justin Pollard Question Writer
    James Harkin Question Writer
    Molly Oldfield Question Writer
    Production team
    Ian Lorimer Director
    Piers Fletcher Producer
    Lorraine Heggessey Executive Producer
    Katie Taylor Executive Producer
    Nick King Editor
    Jonathan Paul Green Production Designer
    Howard Goodall Composer


    British food

    Reginald D. Hunter talks about one particular British foodstuff.

    Featuring: Alan Davies, Stephen Fry, Rich Hall, Clive Anderson, Reginald D. Hunter.

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