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QI. Image shows from L to R: Alan Davies, Sandi Toksvig. Copyright: TalkbackThames.


BBC Two and BBC One panel show focusing on quite interesting facts. 217 episodes (pilot + 15 series), 2003 - 2018. Stars Sandi Toksvig, Stephen Fry and Alan Davies.

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Series E

Isambard Kingdom Brunel against the launching chains of the Great Eastern at Millwall in 1857.

1. Engineering

First broadcast: Friday 21st September 2007

With Rob Brydon, Jimmy Carr and Bill Bailey.

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2. Electricity

First broadcast: Friday 21st September 2007

With Rich Hall, Jo Brand and Sean Lock.

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3. Eating

First broadcast: Friday 28th September 2007

With Phill Jupitus, Johnny Vegas and Jimmy Carr.

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Mount Everest.

4. Exploration

First broadcast: Friday 5th October 2007

With Rich Hall, Sean Lock and Bill Bailey.

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Part of the European flag.

5. Europe

First broadcast: Friday 12th October 2007

With David Mitchell, Dara O'Briain and Phill Jupitus.

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The chemical sturcture of ecstacy.

6. Everything, Etc.

First broadcast: Friday 19th October 2007

With Jeremy Clarkson, Clive Anderson and Vic Reeves.

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Harry Houdini.

7. Espionage

First broadcast: Friday 26th October 2007

With Clive Anderson, Vic Reeves and Jo Brand.

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An eye.

8. Eyes And Ears

First broadcast: Friday 2nd November 2007

With David Mitchell, Phill Jupitus and Jimmy Carr.

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Little Tich (Harry Relph).

Children In Need Special: Entertainment

First broadcast: Friday 9th November 2007

A Children In Need special, with Jeremy Clarkson, Jo Brand and Bill Bailey.

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Part of an England flag.

10. England

First broadcast: Friday 16th November 2007

With Charlie Higson, Sean Lock and Phill Jupitus.

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Bust of Lenin at the Southern Pole of inaccessibility.

11. Endings

First broadcast: Friday 23rd November 2007

With Doon Mackichan, Jimmy Carr and Dara O'Briain.

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Queen Victoria.

Christmas Special: Empire

First broadcast: Friday 7th December 2007

A Christmas special with Jo Brand, Bill Bailey and Sean Lock.

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Out-takes: Elephants

First broadcast: Friday 14th December 2007

This episode contains clips that were cut out of the rest of Series E.

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The QI Annual

The QI Annual Book

Release date: Thursday 1st November 2007

Mockingly described as, "The sequel to the long-awaited "A", "B", "C" and "D" annuals, " this first QI annual contains all the quite interesting "E" things that could not make the show. The book features contributions from Clive Anderson, Rowan Atkinson, Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Rob Brydon, Jimmy Carr,...


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