The Peter Serafinowicz Show. Peter Serafinowicz. Copyright: BBC.

The Peter Serafinowicz Show

BBC Two sketch show. 8 episodes (1 series), 2007 - 2008. Stars Peter Serafinowicz, Matt Berry, Bronagh Gallagher, Maddy Garrood, Sanjeev Kohli, Alex Lowe, Lewis Macleod and others.

The Peter Serafinowicz Show

The Peter Serafinowicz Show

A fast-paced, broad comedy sketch show based around Peter Serafinowicz's impressions and characters.

In Peter's world, his uncanny impressions of real stars like Terry Wogan, Ewan McGregor, Al Pacino, Noel Edmonds, Simon Cowell, Christopher Walken, Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell, Michael Caine, Laurel & Hardy, Elvis, Alan Alda, Chris Tarrant, and all four of the Beatles mingle with Peter's own creations, such as Terry Wogan's alcoholic identical twin Jerry, pretentious designer 'Keyhole', and Brian Butterfield, the world's most incompetent compensation lawyer.

It's a world where sexy Pirates are waiting for your call, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are lovers and you can buy an M&S Christmas Pudding Sofa or a magazine dedicated to Elephants & Trains.

And of course, O! NEWS - A regular strand that's a spoof US entertainment show as seen by hundreds of thousands of internet users on YouTube, in which Peter, as presenter Kennedy St King, reports on Hollywood nonsense ranging from Simon Cowell's new TV hit 'America's best male prostitute' to the new anatomically correct Oscar statuette.

First released: Monday 1st February 2010

  • Distributor: 4DVD
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1
  • Catalogue: C4DVD10203

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