People Just Do Nothing. Image shows from L to R: Decoy (Daniel Sylvester Woolford), Steves (Steve Stamp), Grindah (Allan Mustafa), Beats (Hugo Chegwin). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

People Just Do Nothing

BBC Three sitcom about a pirate radio station. 22 episodes (pilot + 4 series), 2012 - 2017. Stars Allan Mustafa, Hugo Chegwin, Asim Chaudhry, Steve Stamp and others.

Another series is in development.

How the PJDN cast met

The People Just Do Nothing cast discuss with host Holly Walsh how they met and decided to create the BAFTA-winning show.

Featuring: Allan 'Seapa' Mustafa (Grindah), Hugo Chegwin (Beats), Asim Chaudhry (Chabuddy G), Steve Stamp (Steves).

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