Peep Show & Tell. Image shows from L to R: David Mitchell, Robert Webb. Copyright: Objective Productions.

Peep Show & Tell

Channel 4 documentary. 1 episode in 2010. Features David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Andrew O'Connor, Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong, Graham Linehan, Arthur Mathews and others.

Press Clippings

An evening devoted to Channel 4's longest-running comedy begins with a documentary charting its rise from "masochistically pure" crania-cam caper to Grade II-listed institution. While Messrs Mitchell, Webb, Bain & Armstrong provide insights, there are classic clips, celebrity interventions and mildly vexing Skype contributions from international fans ("I love . . . zzrrgnn . . . Superhan . . . ack . . . mazing . . ."). This is followed by the latest - Christmas-set, excruciating - episode from the current series and two viewer-voted favourites: the wedding day finale of series four and the one with the magic mushrooms and gastric flu. What larks, Mark!

Sarah Dempster, The Guardian, 24th December 2010

If you've already overdosed on seasonal goodwill and need to sharpen your jaded nerves on a bit of black comedy, then welcome to Peep Show and an excruciating Christmas with socially inept flatmates Mark and Jeremy. The day doesn't start well when Mark (David Mitchell) gives an overexcited Jez (Robert Webb) awful gifts: a pair of cooking tongs and his Scotrail sleep mask from an overnight rail journey. The febrile atmosphere in the household isn't helped by Mark's nervousness as he prepares to host his first family Christmas with his ghastly parents and sister: "I'm in charge! I've launched the Christmas putsch. I carve the turkey!" It's painfully, bleakly comic and forms the centrepiece of Peep Show Night, which features a documentary about what has turned out to be Channel 4's longest-running comedy, with two classic episodes chosen by Mitchell and Webb.

Alison Graham, The Guardian, 24th December 2010