Peep Show. Image shows from L to R: Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell), Jeremy Usbourne (Robert Webb). Copyright: Objective Productions.

Peep Show

Channel 4 sitcom about flatmates. 54 episodes (9 series), 2003 - 2015. Stars Robert Webb, David Mitchell, Olivia Colman, Matt King and others.

Series 7, Episode 4 is repeated on Gold tomorrow at 3:25am.

Series 3

1. Mugging

First broadcast: Friday 11th November 2005

Mark gets mugged on his way back from work by two teenagers, who steal his beloved Blackberry. And when Sophie comes on strong to him, he can't get aroused because he's pre-occupied by the muggers. He's a man obsessed.

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2. Sectioning

First broadcast: Friday 18th November 2005

Merry, an eccentric old friend from university, is back on the scene, and things are looking up for Jeremy when she offers him the chance to manage a pub she owns.

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3. Shrooming

First broadcast: Friday 25th November 2005

Jeremy plans to throw a secret magic mushroom party in the flat, where he hopes to seduce his ex, Big Suze. But when Mark suddenly arrives home from work with gastric flu, Jeremy's plans go to pieces.

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4. Sistering

First broadcast: Friday 2nd December 2005

Mark's plans for an enjoyable and productive week off work go out the window when his sister comes to stay. Jeremy clearly has the hots for her, and when Mark warns him to back off, Jeremy just wants her more...

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5. Jurying

First broadcast: Friday 9th December 2005

Jeremy gets called up on jury service but falls for the female defendant, Carla. Mark warns him to stop sleeping with her - it's against the law - but Jeremy ignores him.

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6. Quantocking

First broadcast: Friday 16th December 2005

Mark is worried that he's drifting apart from Sophie, so immediate action is called for: he must propose.

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