Pat & Cabbage. Image shows from L to R: Pat (Barbara Flynn), Cabbage (Cherie Lunghi). Copyright: Red Production Company
Pat & Cabbage

Pat & Cabbage

  • TV sitcom
  • ITV
  • 2013
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Comedy about a pair of women who have no intention of growing old gracefully - although their children really wish they would. Stars Barbara Flynn, Cherie Lunghi, Marcus Garvey, Rosie Cavaliero, Diane Morgan and more.

Diane Morgan

Pat & Cabbage. Nicola (Diane Morgan). Copyright: Red Production Company

Diane Morgan takes on the role of Pat's daughter Nicola.

Hi Diane. What attracted you to Pat & Cabbage?

I read a lot of scripts, but when I read this, I simply laughed out loud. That very rarely happens. The characters are great and it's a genuinely funny piece of writing. Also, Nicola is a perfect part for me.

How would you describe your character?

Nicola is a teacher. She's not married and she doesn't have kids or mortgage. She doesn't have responsibilities. She is at that point where you feel like you're having an extended youth. You forget you're getting older, until you suddenly get nasty little reminders when you see where your friends are at with children, husbands, cars and houses. So you panic and try to find someone right to settle down with. But Nicola can't find anyone, and so she becomes increasingly desperate.

What is a relationship like with her sister, Helen?

Helen has all the things Nicola wants and is very smug about it. It's that sisterly thing - Helen feels she can say anything to Nicola, but she ends up making her feel worse. Nicola is always the loser in that relationship.

The sisters are vicious to each other. I don't have a sister, I have an older brother. But I think women are more psychologically damaging to each other. With men, you have a fight and it's over. But women can be really vicious. Having said that, it's great fun to play. Off screen, Rosie and I get on really well. It's nice having a sister for once!

How did you find it working with the two leads?

To be honest, at first I was a bit scared because I'd grown up watching Barbara and Cherie. Suddenly you're working with them and it's slightly scary. But once I got to know them, I found that they were sweetest, loveliest people you could ever meet. It was a massive relief. I'd like to say they were absolutely horrendous - that would be a better story! But they were lovely, thank God!

Tell us about collaborating with Barbara Flynn...

I remember watching Barbara on Open All Hours delivering milk to Granville. That's how I pictured her. So beforehand, I was a little bit star-struck. But when she knew that, she was so nice about it, and we got on like a house on fire.

What was it like doing scenes with Cherie Lunghi?

It was amazing. She's so glamorous. It gives me hope. I tried to find out what she is using to remain so beautiful. I'm sure she's using something to stay looking so gorgeous - I have to find out what! Is it some secret oil? You can't look that great without something! On second thoughts, maybe it's just yoga!

Pat & Cabbage. Image shows from L to R: Helen (Rosie Cavaliero), Nicola (Diane Morgan), Pat (Barbara Flynn). Copyright: Red Production Company

Do you think there is a trend towards more programmes starring older actresses?

Yes, and it's fantastic. There are so many amazing older actresses sitting around at home and they should be working. Hopefully this will catch on and inspire more such dramas. Male actors tend have a longer shelf-life, but I hope that now the tables will be turned. Women like Barbara and Cherie are such great role models.

Do you feel there is potential for a second series of Pat & Cabbage?

Absolutely. We've only scratched the surface so far. The characters are so strong, you could literally do anything with them. As a viewer, I would love to see a second series of Pat & Cabbage.

What does the future hold for you?

I'm doing more series of two comedy shows. I'm making the third series of Live at the Electric. I've taken a little break from stand-up, so it'll be great to be back doing that. I'm also working on another series of Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe, where I do lots of sketches. I love performing in sketches. It's so nice to work with someone else. It's far less horrific having someone alongside you. And you can blame the other person if it goes wrong!

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