Pat & Cabbage. Image shows from L to R: Pat (Barbara Flynn), Cabbage (Cherie Lunghi). Copyright: Red Production Company
Pat & Cabbage

Pat & Cabbage

  • TV sitcom
  • ITV
  • 2013
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Comedy about a pair of women who have no intention of growing old gracefully - although their children really wish they would. Stars Barbara Flynn, Cherie Lunghi, Marcus Garvey, Rosie Cavaliero, Diane Morgan and more.

Character guide

Pat & Cabbage. Pat (Barbara Flynn). Copyright: Red Production Company


Played by: Barbara Flynn

Pat is widowed, but is now ready to get out and have some fun.

She has a gung ho spirit and cheeky attitude, despite the fact life keeps throwing her and best friend Caggage a few curveballs.

Pat has two daughters - sensible Helen is the older of the two, and the less organised Nicola is the younger.

Pat & Cabbage. Cabbage (Cherie Lunghi). Copyright: Red Production Company


AKA: Jean.  Played by: Cherie Lunghi

Cabbage (a nickname, not her real name) and best friend Pat have no intention of growing old gracefully - although their children really wish they would.

Cabbage is newly divorced (her husband left her for a younger woman), and now finds herself single for the first time in decades.

Cabbage's only son, Dylan, and her pride and joy and she spoils him even though he's now in his forties.

Pat & Cabbage. Jim (Marcus Garvey). Copyright: Red Production Company


Played by: Marcus Garvey

Jim is Helen's husband. He is a dreamer but sees himself as a creative entrepreneur - whether it be manufacturing mozzarella in his kitchen or making wine racks from old sewage pipes.

Jim is always trying new ventures with varying degrees of success. His boundless optimism makes him a constant source of fun. And sometimes chaos.

Pat & Cabbage. Helen (Rosie Cavaliero). Copyright: Red Production Company


Played by: Rosie Cavaliero

Helen is Pat's eldest daughter. She is married to Jim, and together they have a three year old son, Jack.

In an attempt to kick-start a new career, Helen is now retraining to be a therapist, which she likes to think gives her a unique perspective on the personal lives of those around her. Her family would disagree.

Pat & Cabbage. Nicola (Diane Morgan). Copyright: Red Production Company


Played by: Diane Morgan

Nicola is Pat's youngest daughter.

She is a teacher and in an bumping along in an on/off (mostly off) relationship with PE teacher Toby. Pat's concerned about the risk of Nicola "leaving it too late" but this strikes Nicola as hypocritical. Isn't the fact that Nicola's got a job and financial independence exactly what Pat and "her lot" spent most of the sixties fighting for?

Nicola's happiest when affectionately taking the mick out of Dylan, with whom she unexpectedly finds some common ground.

Pat & Cabbage. Dylan (Tom Turner). Copyright: Red Production Company


Played by: Tom Turner

Dylan is Cabbage's only son and her pride and joy. Now in his forties, he's the most successful underachiever of all his friends. But it's ok - his mother enables his Peter Pan lifestyle by continuing to let him live with her, rent-free.

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