Paris. Copyright: Talkback Productions.


Channel 4 sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1994. Stars Alexei Sayle, Neil Morrissey, Allan Corduner, James Dreyfus, Simon Godley, Beverley Klein and Walter Sparrow.

Series 1

1. L'Infamie

First broadcast: Friday 14th October 1994

Degout is arrested when one of his works of 'art' - actually just stains on his floorboards from paint and a spilled breakfast - incites a riot.


2. Le Critique

First broadcast: Friday 21st October 1994

When Degout spies an opportunity to ingratiate himself with and place one of his works directly in the hands of one of France's fiercest art critics, the 'Butcher of Bordeaux', he takes it!


3. Les Gimmiques

First broadcast: Friday 28th October 1994

Hearing talk of a portrait commission, Degout sets about devising an attention-catching gimmick in order to win the work. However, it seems that every other aspiring Parisian has had the same idea.


4. Les Musiciens

First broadcast: Friday 4th November 1994

Minotti persuades Degout to impersonate a renowned musician in order to impress some friends from out of town. Although initially reluctant, an altercation with an American-style jazz band leaves Alain the better off.


5. La Solitude

First broadcast: Friday 11th November 1994

Desperate for some peace and quiet in order that he may concentrate and receive inspiration for his art, Degout flees Paris for his rural childhood home. However, what he finds upon his arrival is not quite as expected.


6. L'Insanitie

First broadcast: Friday 18th November 1994

A misunderstanding with Rochet leads to Degout's incarceration in an asylum. Upon his release, Alain discovers that the episode led to his paintings finally selling - and so he decides he has only one option...