Only Fools And Horses. Image shows from L to R: Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Del (David Jason), Grandad (Lennard Pearce). Copyright: BBC.

Only Fools And Horses

BBC One sitcom about two market traders. 64 episodes (7 series), 1981 - 2003. Stars David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Buster Merryfield, Lennard Pearce and others.

Series 3, Episode 7 is repeated on Gold tomorrow at 8:40am.

Series 3

1. Homesick

First broadcast: Thursday 10th November 1983

Grandad's not well, his legs are playing him up and the lifts are broken. When Rodney finds himself unwittingly elected to Chairman of the local Residents' Association, Del spies the perfect opportunity to improve their lot.

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2. Healthy Competition

First broadcast: Thursday 17th November 1983

Rodney has become disillusioned with being Del's look-out, and announces his intention to set up business with Mickey Pearce.

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3. Friday The 14th

First broadcast: Thursday 24th November 1983

Del's weekend fishing trip to Boycie's country cottage strangely coincides with a local restaurant owner's need for cheap fish. On the journey they are stopped by the police who inform them of an escaped killer who is believed to be in the vicinity. They arrive at the empty cottage with a sense of foreboding...

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4. Yesterday Never Comes

First broadcast: Thursday 1st December 1983

When Del acquires a piece of furniture he believes it to be valuable, and when upper-class Miranda answers his newspaper advert for it, he thinks he's gone 'up-market'. But can she really have been wooed by his charm, or is it something more commercial?

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5. May The Force Be With You

First broadcast: Thursday 8th December 1983

When Rodney meets an old friend of Del's in the pub, he is duped into taking him back to the Trotter's flat: as Del is showing Grandad a new 'hookie' microwave he has acquired, he is re-acquainted with Detective Slater. The family are arrested and a stand-off situation develops after they all give false statements - until Del surprises everyone...

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6. Wanted

First broadcast: Thursday 15th December 1983

Rodney's kindly nature gets him into trouble when he tries to help a drunk lady on the way home from the pub. When she screams for help he legs it home. Del, knowing of the woman's reputation, plays on Rodney's fears, but his joke backfires when Rodney goes on the run!

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7. Who's A Pretty Boy?

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd December 1983

Denzil is nervous about letting the Trotters decorate his flat because, if they do it wrong, he has to face the wrath of his wife, Corinne. She still hasn't forgiven Del for messing up the catering at her wedding but, as long as they heed her warning to stay out of the kitchen, nothing can go wrong...

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Christmas Special: Thicker Than Water

First broadcast: Sunday 25th December 1983

When Rodney opens the door to a stranger at the flat he soon learns from Grandad that it's his long lost father, Reg. As Del returns home from the pub, his anger is abated when Reg tells them he is ill and it may be hereditary. The subsequent blood test results threaten to split the brothers up.

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