One Foot In The Grave. Image shows from L to R: Margaret Meldrew (Annette Crosbie), Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson). Copyright: BBC
One Foot In The Grave

One Foot In The Grave

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1990 - 2000
  • 42 episodes (6 series)

The grumpy complainer and accident prone Victor Meldrew takes early retirement and finds he has far too much time on his hands. His long suffering wife and neighbours just have to grin and bear it. Stars Richard Wilson, Annette Crosbie, Doreen Mantle, Owen Brenman, Angus Deayton and Janine Duvitski

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Series 3, Episode 5 - Beware The Trickster On The Roof

Victor and Margaret battle to rid their home of an evil curse. Victor's neighbours put their house up for sale - but there are very few takers. Victor becomes convinced that a TV aerial is laughing at him.

Further details

Victor is making a teddy-bear out of lots of bits of old teddy-bears, but Margaret wishes he didn't as it looks very grotesque - almost a Franken-teddy! Patrick and Pippa think he's doing strange things to these old teddy-bears (like giving one a Caesarean section) when they look out of the window to see him doing his unique brand of DIY! This worries them because they're trying to sell the house to get away from Victor and fear a bad impression may be created to those coming to view the house!

Unfortunately the first buyers' child finds the Franken-teddy and screams hysterically; the second buyers turn up as Victor shouts abuse out of his bedroom window. Nick brings Victor and Margaret a cursed scorpion from his holiday, and it works outstandingly well. A model minicab is delivered when Victor books a taxi; there's a leak in the bedroom ceiling; the thieves from Episode 3:1 phone back asking how to work the stolen television; Victor wins the scorpion when he gives it to a raffle, and a cow rather than the requested cot is delivered to him, which crashes through into Patrick and Pippa's lounge as the third buyers are looking around!

Broadcast details

Sunday 1st March 1992
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Richard Wilson Victor Meldrew
Annette Crosbie Margaret Meldrew
Owen Brenman Nick Swainey
Angus Deayton Patrick Trench
Janine Duvitski Pippa Trench
Guest cast
Britt Morrow Young Wife
Hilda Braid Mrs. Skimpson
Steve Perry Cyclist
Peter Aubrey Mr. Tildsley
Louise Kerr Wife
Enn Reitel Voice (Voice)
John Challis Voice (Voice)
Writing team
David Renwick Writer
Production team
Susan Belbin Director
Susan Belbin Producer
Chris Wadsworth Editor
John Dunstan Editor
John Bristow Production Designer
Richard Winter Costume Designer
Jean Steward Make-up Designer
Chris Kempton (as Christopher Kempton) Lighting Designer
Eric Idle Composer
Ed Welch Composer

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