Old Baggage.

Old Baggage

New TV comedy drama in development. Stars Vicki Pepperdine and Joanna Scanlan.

Old Baggage

Vicki Pepperdine and Joanna Scanlan star in the TV adaptation of the book by Lissa Evans

Comedy Drama
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Vicki Pepperdine and Joanna Scanlan
Lissa Evans

It is 1928. Matilda Simpkin, rooting through a cupboard, comes across a small wooden club - an old possession of hers, unseen for more than a decade.

Mattie is a woman with a thrilling past and a chafingly uneventful present. During the Women's Suffrage Campaign she was a militant. Jailed five times, she marched, sang, gave speeches, smashed windows and heckled Winston Churchill, and nothing - nothing - since then has had the same depth, the same excitement.

Now in middle age, she is still looking for a fresh mould into which to pour her energies. Giving the wooden club a thoughtful twirl, she is struck by an idea - but what starts as a brilliantly idealistic plan to tackle the rising tide of pre-World War Two British fascism is derailed by a connection with Mattie's militant past, one which begins to threaten every principle that she stands for.

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