Off Their Rockers. Copyright: CPL Productions
Off Their Rockers

Off Their Rockers

  • TV sketch show
  • ITV
  • 2013 - 2016
  • 28 episodes (4 series)

Hidden camera sketch show for ITV in which the older generation prank young people. Stars Rosemary Macvie, Rosie Bannister, Royston Mayoh, Seb Craig, Sonia Elliman and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Rosemary Macvie Various
Rosie Bannister Various
Royston Mayoh Various
Seb Craig Various
Sonia Elliman Various
Keith Bayross Various
Velma Davies Various (Series 1-3)
Barry Newton Various
Morrison Thomas Various
Marry Hyam Various (Series 2-4)
Tony Lo Various (Series 3-4)
Ken Moxley Various (Series 2-4)
David Norman (as Dave Norman) Various (Series 2-4)
Paul Weston Various (Series 2-3)
Joan Hooley Various (Series 3-4)
Pamela Lyne Various (Series 3-4)
Iris Sharples Various (Series 1-2)
Hugo Gunning Various (Series 1-2)
Writing team
Stewart Williams Writer
Ivor Baddiel Writer (Series 1-2)
Les Keen Writer (Series 1-2)
Ali Crockatt Writer (Series 2-3)
David Scott Writer (Series 2-3)
Giles Boden Writer (Series 2-4)
Emma Millions Writer (Series 2-3)
Steve Nelson Writer (Series 2)
Jim Pullin Writer (Series 2)
Brona C. Titley Writer (Series 2 & 4)
Ray Turner Writer (Series 2)
Charlie Kemp Writer (Series 2)
Thaila Zucchi Writer (Series 2)
Ivor Baddiel Script Editor (Series 2)
Mobashir Dar Script Editor (Series 4)
Production team
Thomas Stark Holland Series Director (Series 1)
Ian Curtis Director (Series 2)
Simon Gibney Director (Series 2)
Matt Holt Director (Series 2-4)
Tom Vinnicombe Director (Series 2-3)
Steve Harwood Director (Series 3-4)
Thomas Stark Holland Director (Series 4)
Chris Curley Series Editor (Series 2)
Myles Jenkins Series Editor (Series 3)
Andy Brown Series Producer (Series 1-2 & 4)
Paul Young Series Producer (Series 3)
Mike Worsley Producer (Series 1)
Murray Boland Executive Producer
Mobashir Dar Executive Producer
Danielle Lux Executive Producer
Michael Wolf Edit Producer (Series 2-4)
Duncan O'Neill Editor (Series 1)
Michael Wolf Editor
Alex Kirkland Editor (Series 2-3)
Dan Ablett (as Daniel Ablett) Editor (Series 4)
Daniel MacDonald Editor (Series 4)
Jess Bailey Composer
Graeme Perkins Composer
Tim Van Aelst Creator
Claire Zolkwer Commissioner

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