Not On Your Nellie. Nelie Pickersgill (Hylda Baker). Copyright: London Weekend Television / Rex.

Not On Your Nellie

ITV sitcom about a teetotaller helping run a pub. 17 episodes (3 series), 1974 - 1975. Stars Hylda Baker, John Barrett, Jack Douglas, Leo Dolan and others.

Press Clippings

Wendy Richard speaking about her work on the 2nd series in her autobiography - Wendy Richard(no 's'): My Life Story:

Unfortunately, it was a nightmare to work on. Hylda may have been the top comedienne in the country but there were problems persuading her to rehearse and as a consequence - bless her heart - her lines were not coming easily. She claimed it was far too tiring for her to rehearse on studio day but as a result it meant the cameras could not line up correctly without her.

In order to circumvent the problems of the absent Miss Baker on studio day, what they did was employ someone to deputize for her. The difficulty was though that the stand-in was a young girl who was very tall. So they had to pin a photo of Hylda on the woman's chest at the exact height where Hylda's face should be and the poor cameraman had to line up on that!

Wendy Richard with Lizzie Wiggins, 2000