No Offence. Image shows from L to R: D.I. Vivienne Deering (Joanna Scanlan), D.S. Joy Freers (Alexandra Roach). Copyright: AbbottVision.

No Offence

Channel 4 comedy drama about a group of police. 21 episodes (3 series), 2015 - 2018. Stars Joanna Scanlan, Alexandra Roach, Elaine Cassidy, Paul Ritter and others.

The Detectives Are Tricked

The team find out they have a mole, and that they've been tricked by their presumed ally in Nora's gang.

From Series 2, Episode 4. Featuring: Joanna Scanlan (D.I. Vivienne Deering), Alexandra Roach (D.S. Joy Freers), Elaine Cassidy (D.C. Dinah Kowalska), Will Mellor (D.C. Spike Tanner), Tom Varey (P.C. Stuart O'Connell), Zackary Momoh (Manni Attah), Felix Scott (Sgt Ewan Murray).

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