Nightingales. Image shows from L to R: Bell (David Threlfall), Sarge (James Ellis), Carter (Robert Lindsay).


Channel 4 sitcom about night security guards. 13 episodes (2 series), 1990 - 1993. Stars Robert Lindsay, David Threlfall and James Ellis.


Regularly said almost every episode whenever any of the three principle cast members enter a room they would repeat this quote.

(Said when the three principle cast members enter the room)
Sarge: Is anybody there?
Bell & Carter: There's nobody here but us chickens.
(Chicken arm movements)

Carter is trying to encourage Mr. Benson the psychiatrist to teach a chicken the mouth organ.

Carter: Look at that time we tried to teach a goat to ride a bicycle... Because it couldn't change gear properly we lost heart, didn't we?

Carter (Robert Lindsay)
Carter would usually pondering this question but replacing the name with other well educated or well know figures.

I wonder what Jean-Paul Gaultier is doing tonight?

Carter (Robert Lindsay)