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Sam Delaney's News Thing

RT comedy show about politics. 123 episodes, 2015 - 2018. Stars Sam Delaney.

Episode Guide

Highlights Special: New Year

First broadcast: Friday 1st January 2016

Sam looks back on the best bits of 2015 with highlights from our previous shows and special guests Germaine Greer, and MPs Mike Freer and Johnny Mercer.


North Korea Capers

First broadcast: Friday 8th January 2016

Sam reacts to North Korea's latest high jinx, David Lammy MP threatens to wrestle Oliver Letwin to the ground, and David Hock meets a friendly jihadist.


David Bowie

First broadcast: Friday 15th January 2016

Sam asks why Britain is so bad at mourning, Baron John Prescott eats an orange covered in OXO and Bobby Mair tries to get an interview with Joseph Kony.



First broadcast: Friday 22nd January 2016

Sam realises that the Oscars have always been racist, spin doctor Damian McBride reveals how Gordon Brown almost put tanks on the streets in 2008 and Bobby Mair finds that there's corruption in every sport.


George Osborne

First broadcast: Friday 29th January 2016

Sam asks where it all went wrong for George Osborne, Yasmin Qureshi MP answers the internet's stupidest questions about Muslims and Bobby Mair forces the public to demean themselves for food.



First broadcast: Friday 5th February 2016

Sam wishes our elections were as exciting as America's, Shaun Ryder tells us why he loved Maggie Thatcher, Ken Livingstone nominates John McDonnell to be next Labour leader, and Bobby Mair eats a gay cake.


Jeremy Hunt

First broadcast: Friday 12th February 2016

Sam uncovers a Tory conspiracy to put a c**t in charge of the NHS, Bobby Mair invites the public to injure a celebrity and Lord Tim Bell reveals the inner mind of Margaret Thatcher.


No Platform

First broadcast: Saturday 20th February 2016

Sam wonders why the pro-Europe lobby are so bad at scaremongering compared to the Brexit mob, Bobby Mair goes crowdfunding Kanye West style, and Peter Tatchell defends students who are so right-on, they reckon even he's a fascist.



First broadcast: Saturday 27th February 2016

Sam asks how Boris Johnson has been allowed to happen, former Conservative MP Jerry Hayes calls Boris a "hypocritical sh*t", and Bobby Mair investigates claim culture.



First broadcast: Friday 4th March 2016

Sam asks if anyone has a solution to the migrant crisis besides setting fire to it, Alastair Campbell dishes the dirt on the Blair years and Bobby Mair sticks up for badgers.



First broadcast: Friday 11th March 2016

Sam tries to beat the ban on parliamentary footage in comedy shows, MP Michael Fabricant reveals exclusively that he used to be a spy.



First broadcast: Friday 18th March 2016

Sam asks if Britain has gone apology-crazy and Lord Kinnock tells Jeremy Corbyn to smarten up.


Highlights Special: Best Bits

First broadcast: Friday 25th March 2016

Sam looks back at the highlights of 2016 so far, including special guests and some bits you haven't seen before.


Steel, King Of Metals

First broadcast: Saturday 2nd April 2016

Sam explains why everyone is suddenly really into steel, former Ukipper Janice Atkinson MEP claims that the BBC have stitched her up, and Bobby Mair goes to 'no-go area' Brixton.


Panama Papers

First broadcast: Saturday 9th April 2016

Sam wonders what's new about rich people avoiding tax, Ken Livingstone admits he knows less about London than Zac Goldsmith, and Bobby Mair investigates the Grand National.


The Decline And Fall Of David Cameron

First broadcast: Saturday 16th April 2016

Sam realises it's the end of days for David Cameron, Conservative MP Mike Freer sticks up for Jeremy Corbyn, and Hacked Off founder Brian Cathcart is grilled for details on Hugh Grant's sex life.


The Queen Must Be Destroyed

First broadcast: Saturday 23rd April 2016

Sam asks how we can end the tyrannical reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Ann Widdecombe tells Obama to butt out of the Brexit debate and Bobby Mair looks at the glamorous world of poverty tourism.


Labour's Racist Rebrand

First broadcast: Saturday 30th April 2016

Sam looks at the Labour party's bold new foray into anti-semitism while Labour MP Rupa Huq does her best to defend it, and the panel gets heated over police complicity in the Hillsborough cover-up.


All Hail President Trump

First broadcast: Saturday 7th May 2016

Sam looks with despair at the mess Jeremy Corbyn has made of the local elections, Germaine Greer explains which parts of the EU are the most sexist, and we all look ahead to the presidency of Donald Trump.


The BBC: A Nation's Shame?

First broadcast: Saturday 14th May 2016

Sam explains why the BBC is one institution the Tories should dismantle, Neil Hamilton discusses his beef with Nigel Farage, and Bobby Mair visits the North Korean embassy.



First broadcast: Saturday 21st May 2016

Sam explains why we're wrong to be so paranoid about terrorism, Neil Kinnock explains why we should be terrified about Brexit, and Bobby Mair looks at the weirdest stories of the week.



First broadcast: Saturday 28th May 2016

Sam explains why all the cool kids are #votin to stay in the EU, Elizabeth Jones from UKIP answers our allegations that her party isn't racist enough.


John Prescott's News Thing

First broadcast: Saturday 4th June 2016

The nation's favourite Deputy, Lord Prescott, takes on Ken Livingstone as he holds the fort for Sam this week.


Holy Noel

First broadcast: Saturday 11th June 2016

Now that Noel Edmonds has found a cure for cancer, Sam asks if there's anything the legendary ex-Radio 1 DJ can't do. And should Sir Philip Green be hanged from a tree by his BHS tie?


Brexit Flotilla

First broadcast: Saturday 18th June 2016

Sam asks why everyone forgot that plain old yobbery would be the biggest threat at Euro 2016 - and what exactly is a flotilla?



First broadcast: Saturday 2nd July 2016

Sam surveys the blood-spattered ruins of post-Brexit Britain, Vince Cable explains why a Lib-Dem/Labour coalition is the only way forward, and Jeremy Corbyn worries that his roses needed pruning.



First broadcast: Saturday 9th July 2016

Sam asks if we need to give Tony Blair a break, Tory MP James Cleverly gives his view on his party's leadership contest, and Bobby Mair celebrates the demise of Nigel Farage.


Highlights Special: Best Of News Thing 4

First broadcast: Saturday 25th June 2016

Assuming we've still all got electricity, Sam will be back with a Brexit special next week. For now take your mind off imminent Armageddon with a selection of our favourite moments from 2016.


David Cameron's Sausage Party

First broadcast: Saturday 16th July 2016

Sam looks back on David Cameron's legacy - a broken economy and a cancelled barbecue. Also, former Labour policy adviser John McTernan asks whether Jeremy Corbyn has a mandate to be useless, and SuperMassiveRaver surveys post-Brexit Britain.


Who The F*** Is Owen Smith?

First broadcast: Saturday 23rd July 2016

Sam finds out if Owen Smith is as normal as he says he is, we ask Natalie Bennett why being green is such a pain in the ass, and we hear from our new foreign affairs correspondent, Cutthroat Mike.


Stop Sh***ing Yourself

First broadcast: Saturday 30th July 2016

Sam tells everyone to calm down - the world isn't that bad, UKIP's Steven Woolfe warns about the dangers of immigration, Bobby Mair is sucked into the world of Pokemon Go and Beyoncé makes a live studio appearance.


Simon Danczuk: Sext Laureate

First broadcast: Saturday 6th August 2016

Sam gets to the root of Simon Danczuk's sext addiction, UKIP leadership contender Elizabeth Jones stands up for golliwogs and Bobby Mair launches his own protest against Byron Burger.


Nigel Farage's Mustache

First broadcast: Saturday 13th August 2016

Sam asks if Trump has finally reached peak mental and Nigel Farage premieres his new facial hair while boasting about how he destroyed the BNP.


Highlights Special: News Thing Summer Special

First broadcast: Saturday 20th August 2016

Sam looks back at some of the highlights of the last few weeks, including Boris Johnson's appointment as foreign secretary, David Cameron's dodgy honours list, and how Brexit has just made us more European than ever.


Jeremy Liar

First broadcast: Saturday 27th August 2016

Sam wonders whether Jeremy Corbyn will ever be good at anything, and asks if the burkini ban proves that the French have finally gone mad, while George Galloway explains what it would take for him to rejoin the Labour Party.


Highlights Special: News Thing Summer Special II

First broadcast: Saturday 3rd September 2016

With Sam on holidays again, we look back at some of the best bits from the last few weeks, including Simon Danczuk's sext addiction, Bobby Mair's real-life Pokemon Go and Nigel Farage's moustache.


Sex Edition

First broadcast: Saturday 10th September 2016

Sam explains why Keith Vaz's penchant for rent boys makes him a man of principal, and Simon Danczuk MP reveals why he never had sex on his constituency desk.


Go On Then David Cameron, F*** Off!

First broadcast: Saturday 17th September 2016

Sam reassesses David Cameron's already terrible legacy in the light of the Libya report, while Greg Dyke tells us why Bake Off really doesn't matter. Plus, we hear from George Galloway and Ken Livingstone.



First broadcast: Saturday 24th September 2016

Sam asks if William Hague is the mysterious third party in the Brangelina break-up and Corbynista Aaron Bastani reveals why he once smashed up an HSBC.


Big Sam's Big Mouth

First broadcast: Saturday 1st October 2016

Sam uncovers more secret recordings from the Sam Allardyce sting, Bobby Mair is forced to sit through the Trump/Clinton debate, and MP Mike Freer tells us why Theresa May is trying to keep her hands off Brexit.


One-Punch Hookem

First broadcast: Saturday 8th October 2016

Sam looks at UKIP's Mike Hookem, the MEP who can kill a man with one punch, Alastair Campbell takes us on a journey into the mind of Tony Blair, we review the impossibly glamorous Kardashian heist and hear from Diana in Heaven.


Paul Nuttall's Detailed Psychometric Evaluation

First broadcast: Saturday 15th October 2016

Sam explains the Brexit negotiations through the medium of Sylvanian Families, while potential UKIP leader Paul Nuttall is subjected to a psychiatric exam, and Bobby Mair tries to change the public's opinion of killer clowns.


Ken Livingstone Sings Phil Collins

First broadcast: Saturday 22nd October 2016

Sam asks why we're obsessed with refugees' teeth, Bobby Mair reads the internet to Julian Assange, and special guest Ken Livingstone talks the refugee crisis and Easy Lover.


Heathrow's Boring Runway

First broadcast: Saturday 29th October 2016

Sam asks if anyone actually cares about the third runway at Heathrow, UKIP's Raheem Kassam shoots his mouth off and Bobby Mair goes undercover in the high street stores that exploit child refugees.


Countdown To Trumpageddon

First broadcast: Saturday 5th November 2016

Sam explains how the entire history of American politics has been leading up to this moment, top pollster Sir Bob Worcester reveals who to bet on, and the panel discusses why it's outrageous that Brexit has been taken over by elected British MPs.


Live From Washington DC

First broadcast: Saturday 12th November 2016

In a US election special filmed in Washington DC, Sam visits the White House to warn people of Trumpageddon and asks if American voters are maniacs or geniuses. And former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein tries to explain how Hillary Clinton lost the easiest election ever.


Don't Worry, Be Happy

First broadcast: Saturday 19th November 2016

Sam explains that Donald Trump's election is not the end of the world, Nigel Evans MP talks Brexit and Yewtree, and Bobby Mair finds out if the public really believes everything they read on Facebook.


Nigel Farage's Big Gold Lift

First broadcast: Saturday 26th November 2016

Nigel Farage explains why he's trying to do the British ambassador to the US out of his job, while Sam asks why we even bother with the Autumn Statement.


Christian Wolmar Gets His Deposit Back

First broadcast: Saturday 3rd December 2016

Sam explains why the Lib Dems' by-election win is the most seismic political moment of 2016, and defeated Labour candidate Christian Wolmar attempts to win back his £500 deposit.


Boris Johnson vs. Saudi Arabia

First broadcast: Saturday 10th December 2016

Sam examines Boris Johnson's latest diplomatic snafu and Eamonn Holmes tells us everything that's wrong with modern media.


2016: Best. Year. Ever.

First broadcast: Saturday 17th December 2016

Sam counts down the best moments from what most people are calling the greatest year in human history, including politician sex scandals, the UKIP fist-fight, and that gorilla that drank 5 litres of Ribena. Meanwhile, David Davies MP tries to make the case for refugee dental checks.


Highlights Special: A Very News Thing Christmas

First broadcast: Saturday 24th December 2016

Sam presents a bumper selection of the best News Thing clips from the past few weeks, along with some brand new bits.


Highlights Special: News Thing Hootenanny

First broadcast: Saturday 31st December 2016

Sam attempts to replace Jools Holland as the face of New Year's Eve, with a look back on some of the best moments from the last few weeks.