Simon Evans and Dominic Frisby join GB News, presenting Headliners

Friday 12th November 2021, 11:32am by Jay Richardson

Dominic Frisby and Simon Evans on GB News

Simon Evans and Dominic Frisby are presenting a new show for GB News.

The stand-ups alternate in hosting Headliners, a late-night review of the following morning's papers with two guest comics.

Conceived as a lighter, funnier alternative to the established broadsheet and red tops review by journalists on BBC News and Sky News, the hour-long show launched on Monday. Guest pundits so far have included Rhona Cameron, Ian Stone, Leo Kearse, Josh Howie, Timandra Harkness and Nick Dixon.

Billed as "a new show where comedians look at tomorrow's news tonight" by Evans, star of Radio 4's long-running look at economics Simon Evans Goes To Market, and "a chance for you to grind your teeth 12 hours earlier" by comic and financial journalist Frisby, Headliners features the panel dissecting the day's front pages as well as frothier items from inside the papers and social media.

Wednesday's edition, hosted by Frisby, featured Kearse commenting upon John Cleese's decision to pull out or "blacklist" himself from a speaking engagement at Cambridge University, after art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon was banned from speaking at the union debating society for a parodical portrayal of Hitler.

Airing at 11pm, Headliners takes an hour out of the existing Tonight Live With Dan Wootton programme and is the latest GB News show to be fronted by comedians since the channel launched in June, following Titania McGrath creator Andrew Doyle's weekly current affairs discussion Free Speech Nation and Tonight Live With Mark Dolan featuring the former Balls of Steel presenter.

Envisioned as an alternative to mainstream media, GB News lost its figurehead Andrew Neil as a presenter early on amid struggling ratings and mockery of its technical issues but retains high-profile faces such as former UKIP and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

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