Sky1 unveils new hidden camera prank show

Tuesday 25th October 2011, 9:10pm

That Hidden Camera Family. Image shows from L to R: Mum (Sharon Gavin), Jack (Joseph Walsham), Emma (Paris Omar), Gran (Leila Hoffman), Katy (Megan Winnard). Copyright: Gallowgate.Sky 1 today unveiled its latest comedy series, as it continues a £600m programme of investment into new home-grown content.

Aimed at a family audience, That Hidden Camera Family is a new 26-part hidden camera prank show.

Due to air early on Sunday evenings before The Simpsons, That Hidden Camera Family is centred around an 'ordinary family who are obsessed with playing practical jokes'.

The show will star Leila Hoffman (How Not To Live Your Life) as the family's 86 year-old Gran - a man-eater who rides a mobility scooter with a mind of its own and has a rather unique hearing aid; with Vincent Davies (The Visit) and Sharon Gavin (Happiness) as the parents who, despite being responsible, can't resist winding up the public.

The show also uses child actors. Jack, the son, has a nasty habit of getting himself trapped in all sorts of unlikely places; and daughters Katy and Emma enlist the general public to help them out with all sorts of bizarre school projects taking learning to a whole new level.

That Hidden Camera Show, filmed under the working title Meet The Pranksters, has been produced by Gallowgate, the production company run by Ant & Dec.

The show starts on Sky1 on 13th November 2011.

Update: the show was delayed until March 2012.

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