Only Fools And Horses stamps to be released by Royal Mail

Tuesday 2nd February 2021, 12:01am

  • 12 stamps are to be released for Only Fools And Horses' 40th anniversary
  • The official Royal Mail stamps will be available to buy and use from 16th February
  • The stamps feature classic Only Fools And Horses scenes, and four stamps depict the main characters
Only Fools And Horses stamps

Royal Mail has revealed 12 new stamp designs marking the 40th anniversary year of Only Fools And Horses.

Eight of the stamps feature classic Only Fools And Horses scenes and quotes, while a further four stamps, presented in a miniature sheet, depict the main Trotter family characters as individual stamps; Del Boy, Rodney, Grandad and Uncle Albert with a catchphrase for each.

Written and created by John Sullivan, the sitcom launched in September 1981. It would go on to run for 64 episodes up to 2003, with over 20 million viewers watching the show at its peak.

Royal Mail says: "The impact of Only Fools on the life of the nation is demonstrated by many of the show's catchphrases and words having entered common usage. In 2003, the most popular of these, 'lovely jubbly', was listed in the Oxford English Dictionary."

The stamp designs show stars David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Buster Merryfield, plus Lennard Pearce who played Grandad in the first three series.

Also featured are Roger Lloyd Pack as Trigger, John Challis as Boycie, Sue Holderness as Marlene, Paul Barber as Denzil, Gwyneth Strong as Cassandra and Tessa Peake-Jones as Raquel.

Philip Parker from Royal Mail says: "The superb writing, comic one liners and the warmth and idiosyncrasies of its characters made Only Fools And Horses one of the most loved TV comedies of all time. We celebrate 40 years of the Trotters' wheeling and dealing, with new stamps revisiting some of the show's classic moments."

The full set of stamps, available in a Presentation Pack priced at £16.20, are available to pre-order at, by phone on 03457 641 641 and in 7,000 Post Offices across the UK. The stamps will be released on 16th February 2021.

As is commonplace with Royal Mail special editions, a selection of additional collectable materials are also being produced and can be ordered from the same website.

Below is a look at the episode-based stamps:

A Losing Streak

Del Risks it all in a game of cards with Boycie, but he has a trick up his sleeve.

Only Fools And Horses stamp - I knew you was cheating, Boycie... because that wasn't the hand that I dealt you

Sleeping Dogs Lie

The Trotters agree to look after Boycie and Marlene's beloved dog, Duke, but soon regret it when the Great Dane falls ill.

Only Fools And Horses stamp - Don't worry, he's house-trained. Hey, we live in a flat!

Yuppy Love

Sharp-suited Del is keen to make an impression with the yuppies in the wine bar... which is exactly what he does.

Only Fools And Horses stamp - Play it nice and cool, son, nice and cool.

A Touch Of Glass

Del and Rodney are poised to catch a priceless chandelier - unfortunately it's not the one Grandad is unscrewing from the ceiling...

Only Fools And Horses stamp - Now brace yourself, Rodney, brace yourself.

The Jolly Boys' Outing

The Nag's Head regulars' annual beano to Margate goes with a bang - and Trigger loses his dolphin.

Only Fools And Horses stamp - Our coach has just blown up!

The Unlucky Winner Is...

Rodney wins a holiday in a painting competition he hadn't even entered - and membership of the Groovy Gang.

Only Fools And Horses stamp - What have you been doing? I've been skateboarding, Cassandra

Three Men, A Woman And A Baby

Del and Raquel await the birth of their first child. Rodney, however, is worried about what might actually arrive.

Only Fools And Horses stamp - It's a baby, Raquel! I've been wondering what that swelling was.

Time On Our Hands

Raquel's dad spots something of value in the Trotters' lock-up and this time Del and Rodney really do become millionaires.

Only Fools And Horses stamp - That's just over three million each!

Del Boy

Only Fools And Horses stamp - Del Boy. This time next year, we'll be millionaires!


Only Fools And Horses stamp - Rodney. "Cosmic!"

Uncle Albert

Only Fools And Horses stamp - Uncle Albert. "During the war..."


Only Fools And Horses stamp - Grandad. I've always wanted to go to Benidorm. Where is it?

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