BBC Scotland reveals new sitcom pilots

Tuesday 26th November 2019, 9:08am

BBC One Scotland has announced has announced a trio of sitcom pilots. They are:

The Scotts

The Scotts. Image shows from L to R: Colette Scott (Louise McCarthy), Henry Scott (Iain Connell), Vincent Scott (Robert Florence). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

A comedy created by and starring Burnistoun stars Robert Florence and Iain Connell.

The BBC says: "Shadowing a typical Scottish family, this sitcom proves that if blood is thicker than water, no-one is thicker than The Scotts.

"Showcasing the antics of the funniest fictional family in Scotland, the comedy revolves around siblings Henry (Connell) and Vincent (Florence) who have a love/hate relationship plus their wives Vonny (Shauna Macdonald) and Laura (Sharon Young) and their sister Colette (Louise McCarthy). The Scotts mixes comic scenes with candid pieces-to-camera capturing the petty squabbles, hidden secrets, mini triumphs and major disasters of an everyday Scottish family."


Group. Image shows from L to R: Tony (Bhav Joshi), Steph (Sally Reid), Nell (Lucianne McEvoy), Rob (Grant O'Rourke),  Billy  (Jonathan Watson), Carly (Lois Chimimba). Copyright: Pirate Productions.

A comedy set around an addiction support group.

Talking about the plot, the BBC explains: "Everyone needs an audience. As a group of addicts comes together for a weekly session, there is warmth and solidarity, coffee and biscuits, tension and power games."

Group has been written by Annie Griffin and Denise Mina and stars Lois Chimimba, Bhav Joshi, Lucianne McEvoy, Grant O'Rourke, Sally Reid, Derek Riddell and Jonathan Watson.

The Daly Grind

The Daly Grind. Image shows from L to R: Liam (Cameron Wilkie), Lucy (Bea Tena-Hutchinson), Joe (Jordan Young), Tracey (Scarlett Mack), Katlyn (Rachel Doherty). Copyright: BBC.

A "fresh and fast-paced family comedy", The Daly Grind, centres on devoted mother - and expert multi-tasker - Tracey Daly struggling with the chaos of her daily routine. Set entirely in the Daly household, the comedy unfolds as Tracey wrangles with her three children - Katlyn, Liam and Lucy - alongside her husband Joe.

The comedy by brothers John and Dominic Reynolds stars Scarlett Mack, Jordan Young, Rachel Doherty, Cameron Wilkie and Bea Tena-Hutchinson.

The trio of new comedies have been developed in partnership with Screen Scotland and aim to showcase new and established comic talent.

The pilots, each thirty minutes long, will air on BBC One Scotland in early 2020.

Gavin Smith from the BBC says: "It's exciting to be working with Screen Scotland and able to announce a new slate of comedies featuring a range of new and established talent in front and behind the camera. Family and relationships are at the heart of all 3 shows and each taps in to the stressful side of modern Scottish life in their own unique way. We hope audiences love the new comedy characters coming through on BBC Scotland."

Mark Thomas from Screen Scotland adds: "These three new broadcast comedies showcase the high quality creative comedy talent working in Scotland. This is just one of the ways Screen Scotland is working with BBC Scotland through our MOU partnership to strengthen the range of content being commissioned in Scotland and to increase representation and opportunities for Scottish talent."

BBC Scotland also announced the return of its long-running police spoof today...

Scot Squad - Series 6

Scot Squad. Image shows from L to R: PC Jack McLaren (Jordan Young), PC Charlie McIntosh (Chris Forbes), Officer/Acting Sgt. Ken Beattie (James Allenby-Kirk), PC Hugh McKirdy (Graeme Stevely), PC Surjit Singh (Manjot Sumal), PC Jane Mackay (Ashley Smith), PC Sarah Fletcher (Sally Reid), Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson (Jack Docherty), Sergeant Karen Ann Millar (Karen Bartke), Maggie LeBeau (ML Stone). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

The police-based mockumentary will return for five new episodes in 2020. Stars Jack Docherty, Jordan Young, Sally Reid, Grado, Manjot Sumal, Darren Connell, Karen Bartke, Louise McCarthy, Julie Wilson Nimmo, Chris Forbes, James Allenby-Kirk and Ashley Smith will all return.

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